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                        Beijing Rebuffs Washington on Missile Shield
                        By Paul Eckert   Updated 11:45 AM ET May 15, 2001 
                        BEIJING (Reuters)
                        "China's constant position is unchanged," Foreign
                        Ministry spokesman Sun Yuxi told a news conference. "We
                        are opposed to the National Missile Defense because it
                        destroys the global strategic balance and upsets
                        international stability."

5/20/2001  from The Philadelphia Inquirer: (AP)               
                        Russia unmoved on missile defense
                        By Barry Schweid
                        ASSOCIATED PRESS
                        "I will be frank with you. The offered reasoning fails
                        to convince us and the majority of the world," Igor
                        Ivanov said before flying home. ...
                        Ivanov said Russia and most other countries were not
                        convinced "the potential threats require the dismantling
                        of the entire body of the agreements on disarmament and
                        the jeopardizing of nonproliferation regimes."

5/31/2001  from Marshall Brain's HowStuffWorks:
                        How Space Wars Will Work
                        by Kevin Bonsor

                        "...The U.S. Space Command doesn't hide the fact that it
                        wants to establish U.S. supremacy in space. In its
                        Vision for 2020 report, the Space Command points out
                        that military forces have always evolved to protect
                        national interests, both military and economic. The
                        report suggests that space weapons must be developed to
                        protect U.S. satellites, and other space vehicles, as
                        other countries develop the ability to launch spacecraft
                        into space. In 1997, Assistant Secretary of the Air
                        Force for Space, Keith R. Hall, said, "With regard to
                        space dominance, we have it, we like it and we're going
                        to keep it."
                        Currently, there are many international agreements that
                        have prohibited the deployment of such weapons into
                        space. One such agreement is the Outer Space Treaty of
                        1967, which covers outer space, the Moon, and other
                        celestial bodies. The one loop hole in this treaty is
                        that it doesn't say anything about the area just above
                        Earth, where most satellites are in orbit. However, the
                        treaty does prohibit placing nuclear weapons, or other
                        weapons of mass destruction, into Earth's orbit. But the
                        question is, are lasers and particle beams weapons of
                        mass destruction? The treaty further prohibits the
                        construction of military bases and fortifications on any
                        celestial body, including the Moon.
                        In November, 1999, 138 United Nations members voted to
                        reaffirm the Outer Space Treaty. Only the United States
                        and Israel abstained from the vote.
Based on that vote,
                        which upheld the ban on weapons in space, it would seem
                        that space weapons will remain grounded for the time
                        being. So, for now, thoughts of Death Star-like weapons
                        and X-Wing fighters, battling it out thousands of miles
                        into space, will have to be put on hold. ..."

5/31/2001  from US News:
                        The new space race
                        BY RICHARD J. NEWMAN
                        Cover Story 11/8/99
                        "...But aggressive "space control," as the military
                        calls its quest for dominance in the sky, could
                        backfire. "The military view is, it would be the neatest
                        thing in the world to have a death ray in space," says
                        one Space Command official. "But will deploying it lead
                        to a war with somebody?"
                        Very possibly, some critics say. Virginia Democrat
                        Charles Robb, a member of the Senate Armed Services
                        Committee, argued in a recent article that developing
                        space weapons would be "a mistake of historic
                        proportions" that would trigger an arms race in space.
                        Statement of Gen. Richard B. Myers, USAF, Commander in
                        Chief, US Space Command, March 22, 1999
                        Japan's Tanaka in Controversy Over U.S. Missile Plan
                        By Linda Sieg
                        Friday June 1 4:28 AM ET
                        TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese Foreign Minister Makiko
                        Tanaka -- in the midst of a bitter battle with
                        bureaucrats -- was at the center of a new controversy on
                        Friday after a report that she expressed concern about
                        America's missile defense strategy. ...

6/1/2001  from The Times, Detroit Free Press, & Reuters
                        Allies rebuff Powell over missile shield
                        BY MICHAEL EVANS, DEFENCE EDITOR
                        WEDNESDAY MAY 30 2001
                        NATO allies refused to endorse President Bush's missile
                        defence project yesterday. It is the latest evidence of
                        division between the United States and Europe over the
                        "Son of Star Wars" plan. ...
                        NATO Rebuff
                        It's the latest symptom of wrongheaded U.S. policy
                        June 1, 2001
                        The United States is getting awfully frigid shoulders
                        from formerly friendly international bodies. President
                        George W. Bush had best start building bridges, lest
                        this country find itself uncomfortably alone at the top
                        of the world. No amount of money or military hardware
                        can compensate for alienating allies. ...

6/1/2001  from Radio Free Europe:
                        Russia: Analyst -- U.S. Offer To Buy Russian Missiles
                        'Poisoned Bait In Mousetrap'

                        By Sophie Lambroschini

6/3/2001  from the Orlando Sentinel
                        Missile shield needs friends
                        By Michael Cabbage
                        SENTINEL SPACE EDITOR
                        Posted June 3, 2001

6/3/2001  from Reuters:
                        Defense Secretary Begins European Visit Monday
                        By Charles Aldinger
                        Saturday June 2 10:24 AM ET
                        WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
                        will meet Turkish leaders in Ankara on Monday at the
                        start of a trip to seven European countries expected to
                        include talks ranging from military modernization to
                        missile defense. ...

6/4/2001  from Asia Intellegence
                        Monday, 4 June 2001
                        "...Officials from North Korea have told a US scholar
                        that the maintenance of a promised two-year moratorium
                        on missile testing is dependent on the United States
                        signalling the possibility of normalizing relations...."

6/4/2001  from - The Sydney Morning Herald
                        Downer denies 'telling tales' over US defence plan
                        By Michael Millett, Herald Correspondent in Tokyo
                        Japan embarrassed the Australian Foreign Minister
                        yesterday by accusing him of threatening to tell the
                        United States about Tokyo's private criticism of
                        Washington's missile defence plan....

Rumsfeld to push missile defense at NATO meeting
By Jamie McIntyre
US Shows Missile Defense Film to Skeptical Allies
By Charles Aldinger, Thursday June 7 1:34 PM ET
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld showed dramatic test films to doubting NATO allies on Thursday, unveiling for the first time details of a disputed Bush administration plan for defense against ballistic missiles. ...

6/7/2001  from AP at

                        China Backs Treaty To Ban Weapons in Space
                        By Alexander G. Higgins, Associated Press Writer
                        posted: 01:28 pm ET 07 June 2001
                        GENEVA (AP) -- China proposed a treaty Thursday to ban
                        weapons in outer space because of the imminent "danger"
                        stemming from U.S. missile defense plans. Chinese
                        Ambassador Hu Xiaodi made the proposal at the 66-nation
                        Conference on Disarmament, the world's only
                        multinational forum for negotiating arms-control
                        treaties. "All space-based weapons and all weapons
                        attacking outer space targets from the earth are to be
                        prohibited once and for all," said Hu, who introduced
                        draft wording for the proposed treaty. There was no
                        immediate U.S. reaction, but Western diplomats said Hu's
                        comments only added detail to China's known position on
                        the issue. China, a bitter critic of U.S. plans for a
                        National Missile Defense system and the expectation that
                        it would involve deployments in space, has long called
                        for a treaty to prevent an arms race in outer space. ...

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