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5/21/2001  from AP:
                        Aussie Urges End to U.S. Alliance
                        Monday May 21 7:19 AM ET
                        "CANBERRA, Australia (AP) - A former prime minister is
                        urging Australia to abandon its military alliance with
                        the United States - the cornerstone of its security
                        policy for half a century - and beef up its own armed
                        forces. ...
                        Australia's U.S. alliance has gone unchallenged by its
                        main political parties. Fraser's comments put him at
                        odds with his own policy as prime minister and with that
                        of the current government of Prime Minister John Howard.

                        Fraser has also criticized Howard's support of the
                        United States' proposed nuclear missile shield. "

5/21/2001  from AP and Reuters:
                        Schroeder, Bush Oppose Aid to Russia Now -Magazine
                        Saturday May 19 12:39 PM ET
                        By Erik Kirschbaum
                        BERLIN (Reuters) - German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder
                        and President Bush agreed to withhold financial aid from
                        Russia as long as vast sums continue to flow out of the
                        country, two German magazines reported on Saturday. ...

                        U.S., Russia Stop Checking a Treaty
                        Monday May 21 2:10 PM ET
                        By VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV, Associated Press Writer
                        MOSCOW (AP) - Officials from the United States, Russia
                        and three other former Soviet republics Monday marked
                        the end of 13 years of monitoring under a landmark
                        U.S.-Soviet disarmament treaty that eliminated an entire
                        class of nuclear missiles. ...

5/21/2001  From The New York Times:
                        Kazakhs Take Strong Issue With Bush's Missile Project
                        May 21, 2001
                        By JUDITH MILLER
                        ASTANA, Kazakhstan, May 18 - The president of this
                        Western-leaning, oil-rich country has warned that the
                        Bush administration's determination to erect a broad
                        array of missile defenses and to abandon a major arms
                        control treaty threatens to ignite a deadly new arms
                        race. ...
                        Mr. Nazarbayev ... contended that the United States was
                        miscalculating by pursuing a nuclear shield because "it
                        perceives that Russia is weak and China is also unable
                        to respond." The Soviet Union was also weak after World
                        War II, "but it recovered and challenged the United
                        States in a fierce arms race," he said. "Russia's
                        weakness is not a permanent condition. And China, too,
                        will respond to unilateral American steps." ...

5/23/2001  from the LA Times:
                        Doubts Trail 'Son of Star Wars' Proposal
                        Military: The cost and architecture of a defense shield
                        still unresolved
                        Wednesday, May 23, 2001
                        By PETER PAE, Times Staff Writer

5/26/2001  from SpaceDaily: from spacewar - a little
                        old now:
                        Taiwan To Test Home Grown Missile Shield
                        Taipei (AFP) April 17, 2001
                        Taiwan plans to test a locally developed anti-missile
                        system later this month as part of its persistent
                        efforts to boost defense capabilities against arch foe
                        China, it was reported Tuesday. ...

                        Senate Democrat promises review of Bush's anti-missile program
                        WASHINGTON (AFP) May 25, 2001
                        Senate Democrat Carl Levin who is to take over the
                        chairmanship of the chamber's influential Armed Services
                        Committee, Friday said President George W. Bush's
                        unilateral approach to national missile defense program
                        would be rethought. ...

5/26/2001  op/ed by Robert Novak:               
                        Blame it on Trent
                        By Robert Novak
                        Saturday May 26 01:00 AM EDT
                        "...Pentagon Civil War
                        Conflict between Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and
                        holdover generals from the Clinton administration came
                        to light when Republican Sen. Bob Smith of New Hampshire
                        temporarily blocked Senate confirmation of Air Force
                        Brig. Gen. Michael Hamel's promotion.
                        Smith's action broke with the long-standing Republican
                        practice of not interfering with military promotions. He
                        was enraged that Hamel, director of Air Force space
                        operations, is obstructing progress on missile defense.
                        Hamel served as a military assistant to Vice President
                        Al Gore and worked closely with Gore national security
                        adviser Leon Fuerth, a longtime foe of missile defense.
                        Hamel is only one of several generals who are
                        confronting Rumsfeld on missile defense and other
                        issues. ..."

5/26/2001  from CNN:
                        Jiang on Bush: 'Confused and unprincipled'
                        By Willy Lam
                        CNN Senior China Analyst
                        May 24, 2001 Posted: 9:47 AM EDT (1347 GMT)
                        (CNN) -- President Jiang Zemin has come up with a
                        12-character assessment of his U.S. counterpart George
                        W. Bush: "logically unsound; confused and unprincipled;
                        unwise to the extreme."
                        Despite his relatively low assessment of the U.S.
                        leader, however, Jiang said China must continue to do
                        business with the Bush administration and to work for
                        better ties. ...
                        Beijing is hoping the U.S. corporate community will then
                        put pressure on the White House to improve ties with
                        Jiang has also indicated he is ready to revise his
                        so-called great power diplomacy.
                        In his discussions with former president Bill Clinton,
                        Jiang strongly hinted that in return for Washington's
                        "help" with Taiwan and other issues important to
                        Beijing, the Chinese would agree to a U.S.- dominated
                        world order.
                        But during a special meeting earlier this month, Jiang
                        and his aides say Beijing is aiming to build a
                        multi-polar world order by boosting ties with countries
                        and blocs including Russia, the EU, Pakistan, Iran,
                        Japan and developing countries. ...
                        If Jiang fails to get anything substantial from his
                        summit with Bush this October, he might have no choice
                        but to significantly harden his policy toward the U.S.
                        and Taiwan.

5/26/2001  from The New York Times:
                        The Week in Review: May 13-19
                        "... Pacifying the Pacific
                        Under Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, the Pacific
                        is now the key arena for military planning. A Pentagon
                        review being drafted by a top Rumsfeld aide asserts that
                        Beijing's strategy is to keep American forces far from
                        the mainland in a conflict and so is improving its
                        ability to attack American aircraft carriers and bases
                        in Japan with surface-to-surface missiles. The review
                        suggests that the Pentagon counter by developing
                        longer-range arms. But key U.S. military officers in the
                        Pacific believe the review overstates Chinese
                        capabilities, underplays U.S. relations with allies and
                        exaggerates the promise of new arms.   
                          Michael R. Gordon ..."

5/26/2001  from The Seattle Times:
                        Senate chairmen likely to undercut Bush's platform
                        By Ron Hutcheson and James Kuhnhenn
                        Knight Ridder Newspapers
                        WASHINGTON - As President Bush and his fellow
                        Republicans adjust to the power shift in the Senate,
                        brought about by Vermont Sen. James Jeffords' defection
                        from the party, their hardest challenge may come from a
                        new lineup of politically hostile Democratic committee
                        chairmen. ...
                        The president's plan for a national ballistic-missile
                        defense system, already a tough sell on Capitol Hill,
                        probably will be a dead issue when hawk Sen. John
                        Warner, R-Va., cedes power at the Armed Services
                        Committee to Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich. Levin, one of the
                        most vocal Senate critics of a missile-defense program,
                        contends it would "risk a second Cold War" and lead to
                        an arms race with China. ...

5/26/2001  from AP:
                        U.S. Urged to Intervene in Mideast
                        By TAREK AL-ISSAWI, Associated Press Writer
                        Updated: Sat, May 26 9:27 PM EDT
                        DOHA, Qatar (AP) - The Organization of the Islamic
                        Conference ended an emergency meeting Saturday with a
                        call for the United States to intervene immediately to
                        "stop the Israeli aggression" against the Palestinians.

5/28/2001  from Reuters:               
                        Democratic Senator Questions Missile Defense Plan
                        Monday May 28 11:44 AM ET
                        VILNIUS, Lithuania (Reuters) - Illinois Democratic Sen.
                        Richard Durbin told reporters in Lithuania on Monday
                        that many in Congress questioned President Bush's plans
                        for a missile defense system, which is opposed by China,
                        Russia and some allies in Europe. ...

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