Blue Hummingbird

Hello, I live in Florida and enjoy water sports in summer (mostly surfing), and I enjoy nature and wildlife. I like hiking and bicycling. I have some training in martial arts. I have written some poetry. I play guitar and sing sometimes too. And, as you can see on the pages at this web site, I am enthusiastic about taking photographs.

I look for friendliness and courtesy in the people I meet, and dislike the arrogant disdain that characterizes so many people. And, I'll go ahead and agree that sometimes in my life I have been a stupid idiot. Sorry then to have offended anyone; I hope I do better. Now that didn't hurt too much. :-) But, that doesn't necessarily mean that I approve of what you have done either. People, I was just thinking that maybe your sins have been retained and not forgiven, and that mankind is on the course to self-destruction. So take care of what matters in life.

The rule is that we grow up, we grow old, and we die; that's if you're lucky. Life seems short enough, my friend. Do you know anyone who has broken this rule?

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All photographs copyrighted by James Patrick Holmes.

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My best attempts at POETRY

The name "Blue Hummingbird" was taken from an old Mayan legend.
You might wonder why I took the name BlueHummingbird.
One reason is because most people are so stupid that they call evil good and call good evil.
I guess I owe something to irony somehow. How do they name what is good "evil" other than stupidity?
And if blue hummingbird told you war was coming,
perhaps it was because that little bird could see the signs of war gathering beyond your horizon.
But hummingbirds are good warriors and masters of strategy.
You might think that this is strange for me to say, but that's where the legend begins.
And I'd say Jesus IS good, but most people, even those who say they are Christians, have no idea who he really is.
But maybe everyone else is right and I am wrong. It is a possibility. Everyone has their own ideas and opinions.


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