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Blue Hummingbird


         If you look closely at the bottom, that is not a scratch on the film nor a pebble falling.  My finger was on the shutter button, holding it open for about 90 seconds. And, near the end of that time this point of light appeared for a second, being about the size of a pea or a marble maybe. It appeared at about three feet high in the opening there.  It shone, radiating its own light, and was brighter than the light in the canyon. People further on in the canyon let out a "woo!" as it appeared and then dove at an angle straight into the sand. That "faerie" must have really liked me to show itself so blatantly while I was taking this picture, or maybe I was just lucky.  Anyway, even though it was just a few seconds in my life, I certainly knew it was a special moment. You might say it was a firefly, but I know it wasn't. I know what it was because I felt its presence, but I can't name it for you. My impression was that it was of superior intelligence and travelled dimensions. Life, itself, is magical and miraculous.

Close up.

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