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On the fourth of July in 1997, while the people below watched the fireworks above them, a small number of UFOs flew above the fireworks putting on a show of their own. That was downtown in Jacksonville, Florida. I was watching from miles away and wondered if anyone else noticed them. (They seemed to enjoy the show also.)

Maybe, we have too much technology now for our stage of development as human beings. Perhaps, we can't be trusted with this knowledge (whether it was derived from Roswell or not) of lasers and more, and so the ETs must intervene at this time in order to assure our survival (not to mention our destruction of our environment).

I remember when I saw my first UFO for certain in 1978. It blew my mind, and I asked my friends who were with me on the beach that night if we should start asking the others there on the beach if they had just seen a UFO go by. It seemed a little preposterous at the time to us all, to go around asking that question. I'm sure many of those people had watched it. Most people walking on the beach had turned and started walking towards its direction, but at least one person had taken off in near terror after seeing it.

I've got more true stories about UFOs. But, are you ready for this much?
Above is what I wrote at Yahoo Clubs. Maybe someday I'll put them all in a book, but probably not because apparently this knowledge is not meant for the masses as they haven't earned their right to it. And most people don't seem interested anyway. I'm not even sure what good the knowledge does me, but I hope those extraterrestrials will remember me when the time comes. Heck, no one even seems to want to know the way of salvation. It doesn't tell them how to make money in this society. It seems the way they make money is to trick other people into giving up theirs. But you can work like a dog for it or find some task to do that pays you what you need, and if you have money you might manufacture or produce something that people might buy.