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Don't you think it's time to shut down SETI and this SETI forum? After years of fruitlessly searching radio waves for communication from ETs, they've come up with no results even with the help of thousands of computers. And, there's no point in arguing about it here. No results should lead to a halt in funding.
posted Wednesday, 25 September 2002 17:44

I've said before that SETI is a farce and a red herring. Twenty years or so of looking in the wrong places has gotten us nowhere except a WOW gee look at that spike from the microwave oven in the next room. The government pulled their funding in '93, which leaves the "wackos and bozos" to fund this waste of time. And there are ETs all around us all the time. If they want to communicate, they will.
posted Wednesday, 25 September 2002 18:36

When you ignore the evidence of extraterrestrial contact and search for a means of communication which would be outdated for an advanced civilization, you are only obscuring the quest for knowledge according to your own preferences and prejudices.
posted Wednesday, 25 September 2002 19:24

from xxx:
" ... who cares if they don't find aliens, the Do find pulsars and other groovy bits of space stuff... "

Then they should cut the crappola and change their name.
posted Wednesday, 25 September 2002 21:51

from xxxx:
"bluebird is probably frustrated because he cannot even claim that they are wasting his tax dollars. ... "

They can waste your time all they want. I'm not an investor. But, don't say you're looking for ETs if you don't mean it.
posted Wednesday, 25 September 2002 23:38

I think the question is do we have the courage to embrace our destiny with our brethren from around the stars.
posted Thursday, 26 September 2002 00:50

from xxxxx:
"You don't have faith in humanity's courage to embrace this mysterious destiny with our "neighbors" ? "

No, not really.

".. What type of destiny do you believe we have ? "

I think mankind is about to destroy itself and the world we live in through stupidity and war. ETs may be able to help us out of this jam just in time. If they don't, it's likely that we won't survive.

" ... continuously LOOKING till we FIND "whatever" it takes."

Do you mean continuously making fun of the subject and stating that the only intelligent life in the universe is your own? If we were ready to find ET, don't you think that they would be ready to openly show themselves to mankind? Why has the subject been taboo for 50 years, been ridiculed, and declared top secret? Is it because the public cannot handle the truth and need to be entertained every moment of their lives? The public gets what they deserve. Hollywood tells them what to think, and the government gives them only what it thinks best including Rush Limbaugh and Evil Alien Menace.
posted Thursday, 26 September 2002 08:16

From xxxx:
"bluebird is probably frustrated because he cannot even claim that they are wasting his tax dollars"

No, I'm frustrated by the lack of progress in the so-called search, and by the close-mindedness of the so-called "scientific" community, and by the lack of disclosure by the US government and its continuing and still growing secrecy, and the belittlement of those who try to take the matter seriously, and by those who refuse to take it seriously.
Actually I should say I'm frustrated on behalf of those who expect progress and disclosure and an intelligent discourse on the subject. I don't expect any of those things. I'm quite content with the way things are and with my own budding relationship with the knowledge of ETs, et al.
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posted Thursday, 26 September 2002 11:03

SETI bases their search on the assumption that ETs are going to send us a radio signal from outer space. I would have to take issue with that assumption. Again I say that ETs do exist and could communicate with us anytime they wished and most likely have already done so, especially to the leaders at that point in time of our country and military. And, NASA, if they are truly watching, should know about them as well. Some astronauts have seen them too. Searching for radio waves when the ETs have already found us and have probably been watching the earth for possibly millions of years. I still think it's been a waste of time. But, yes, I don't care either. Just don't pin your hopes on SETI getting any results. They haven't yet and they're not likely to.
posted Thursday, 26 September 2002 12:45

From xx to someone else:
"How exactly do you know the government is covering "space aliens" up. ... "

Because they've classified the subject as top secret? And why would SETI not be in on a cover-up? A wild goose chase is about the same.
posted Thursday, 26 September 2002 22:09

From xx:
"If it's top secret then we don't know."

You should define that to say that YOU don't know. And, if they're not covering it up, then let them release all the files. Most of those files are not public, or they've been blacked out, or destroyed.
posted Thursday, 26 September 2002 22:16

From xx:
" ... We don't know if they even have such files. Psuedoskeptism thats all it is."

You can make a request for them under the FOIA, but most of what you get will be a copy of a document that has been altered by a black marker.
posted Thursday, 26 September 2002 22:24

Redoctober's reply echoes that of the standard initial replies of the government and most wrong-doers as well. That is to deny everything. And, they usually won't change their tune unless they're forced to.

The media certainly doesn't do very much to look into the matter either. They're probably afraid of the ridicule heaped upon reports of UFOs and ETs, and prefer not to have any tarnish associated with the subject on their reputations.

And what can the average person say about it? There is too much left to learn when we have only some pieces of the whole puzzle. And there are some things that people don't want to know. The answers could be too much for some to handle. And, it could possibly change their such solidly "rational" minds and preconceived ideas into mush. If we had all the answers, could they live with the changes to their perception of their place in the universe? Could mankind live with a sudden acceleration of science, technology, and thought that would accompany outright contact and fellowship with extraterrestrials? These may be some reasons why a discussion of real events associated with the UFO phenomenon is unacceptable to them, the skeptics, and dismissed out of hand.

-- One critical question is - do ETs themselves think that we are ready for this? And are they trying now to get us ready? --

On the other hand, open contact might lead to a golden age of understanding for mankind. As we stand now, the answers are still unknown. Who knows if the truth will hurt? To me it seems that the truth usually helps.

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posted Friday, 27 September 2002 05:25

Well, SETI Institute is of no interest to me. And, about the only thing of interest to me at have been some articles by Leonard David. Sometimes it's amusing to note the reaction of those who fall into this vipers' pit at Uplink. Sometimes I read some posts here and might click on a posted link. I backslid into here and got stuck by laughing at the rants of redoctober90 and found I couldn't delete the post. Now I'm going to try to stay logged out and not comment anymore - a welcome relief for some of the skeptics probably. I don't really enjoy posting here. So good luck to some of you who are not so obstinate and incredulous on the subject, but this board should really be given to those skeptics who are left in the dark and don't want to know what's going on. But, I'm glad to give it up. So I'll say "goodbye" again and "you're welcome" to those who would say thanks for leaving, or for commenting. It was my mistake to log in again from the start. Adios.
posted Friday, 27 September 2002 23:59

A "magician" knows that the art of his tricks of deception is the act of misdirection of the observer's attention. In literature, Sherlock Holmes called misleading clues left by perpetrators "red herrings." And, "wild goose chases" are futile quests unlikely to produce results. A farce can mean a mockery or a ridiculous or empty show.
(Added to this site Oct. 1, 2002)

Continued human rule is no longer a viable option for our planet: The same old same old just doesn't cut it anymore. I would look for exraterrestrial intervention in world government in the near future. (Oct. 27, 2002)


I haven't posted on any forum at in over a year. And, no longer posts this message or any others from before October 2002. Therefore most of my messages there are no longer shown at their site. On this topic I have posted that ETs might indeed try to contact SETI if they so wished. But until SETI receives communication from extraterrestrials, I will not change my opinion. These posts are mostly responses to others at and reflect my frustration there in that bickering, name-calling group. In them I had also discussed other possible means of communicating over long distances at faster than the speed of light, such as the new findings of "quantum entanglement". And I'll be glad to take back anything I've said about SETI, if they ever do establish contact with extraterrestrials or even listen in to otherworldly communications of intelligent beings.

BlueHummingbird (April 22, 2004)


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