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9/11/2001  from Reuters:
                        Hijacked Planes Destroy Twin Towers,                         Burn Pentagon
                        By Alan Elsner and Arthur Spiegelman
                        September 11, 2001 06:40 PM EDT

                        NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Three planes
                        commandeered by unknown hijackers slammed into the
                        Pentagon and New York's landmark World Trade Center on
                        Tuesday, demolishing the twin 110-story towers that were
                        once the tallest buildings in the world and possibly
                        burying thousands of people alive. ...

9/12/2001  from Reuters:
                        U.S. Vows Revenge; Investigation Makes Progress
                        By Alan Elsner and Arthur Spiegelman
                        September 12, 2001 10:26 PM EDT
                        NEW YORK/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States vowed
                        on Wednesday to strike back with a "hammer of vengeance"
                        for the deadly attacks on the World Trade Center and the
                        Pentagon, while clues emerged the hijackers most likely
                        came from the Middle East and included trained pilots. ...
                        Senior U.S. officials said initial evidence pointed to
                        the organization of Osama bin Laden, the Saudi-born
                        dissident now living in Afghanistan who is blamed for
                        bombing two U.S. Embassies in East Africa and other
                        anti-American attacks. ...

9/13/2001  from msnbc:
                        U.S. moves to a battle footing
                        Powell: Retaliation will be sustained campaign

                        MSNBC STAFF AND WIRE REPORTS
                        Sept. 13 -- The United States moved to a battle footing
                        Thursday, as Congress met to approve funding and
                        military action against terrorists. While an emotional
                        president vowed to win "the first war of the 21st
                        century," the Pentagon geared up for a sustained
                        military campaign.
                               AND, FOR THE first time, the Bush administration
                        publicly singled out the person who is the focus of its
                        investigation into the attacks on the World Trade Center
                        and the Pentagon: Osama bin Laden, the Afghanistan-based
                        extremist implicated in past strikes against America. ...

9/13/2001  from AP:
                        Bush Vows to Lead World to Victory
                        By DAVID ESPO, AP Special Correspondent
                        SEPTEMBER 13, 15:52 EDT
                        WASHINGTON (AP) - Fighting back tears, President Bush
                        vowed Thursday that America would ``lead the world to
                        victory'' over terrorism in a struggle he termed the
                        first war of the 21st century. Secretary of State Colin
                        Powell identified Osama bin Laden as the prime suspect
                        in Tuesday's attacks in New York and Washington.

9/13/2001  from AP:
                        Pakistan Promises to Support U.S.
                        By ANWAR FARUQI, Associated Press Writer
                        Updated: Thu, Sep 13 4:35 PM EDT
                        ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) - Pakistan, a nation in the
                        know about terrorist suspect Osama bin Laden, on
                        Thursday promised unflagging cooperation with the United
                        States to fight terrorism following the attacks on New
                        York and Washington.
                        "I wish to assure President Bush and the U.S. government
                        of our unstinted cooperation in the fight against
                        terrorism," President Gen. Pervez Musharraf said in a
                        statement after a late-night meeting Wednesday with his
                        military. "The world must unite to fight terrorism." ...

9/14/2001  from AP:
                        Bush to Activate 50,000 Reserves
                        By SUSANNE M. SCHAFER, Associated Press Writer
                        SEPTEMBER 14, 17:27 EDT

9/14/2001  from msnbc:
                        Bush, Pentagon prepare response
                        Sept. 13 -    President Bush, Congress and the Pentagon
                        on Thursday pledged a sustained military campaign
                        against terrorists, beginning with Osama bin Laden, who
                        U.S. officials said they had determined was directly
                        responsible for the terrorist strikes in New York and

9/18/2001  at Reuters:               
                        Afghan Opposition: Taliban Will Protect Bin Laden
                        By Irwin Arieff

9/18/2001  from AP:               
                        Dems to Drop Missile Defense Provision
                        By CAROLYN SKORNECK, Associated Press Writer
                        Monday September 17 6:49 PM ET
                        WASHINGTON (AP) - Looking to quickly approve new defense
                        spending after last week's twin terror attacks, Senate
                        Democrats are setting aside their effort to block money
                        for any missile defense activity that would violate a
                        1972 arms control treaty. ...

9/16/2001  from Reuters:               
                        Attack on U.S. Raises Specter of Germ War, or Worse
                        By Andrea Shalal-Esa
                        Sunday September 16 12:16 AM ET                          
                        WASHINGTON (Reuters) - This week's deadly terrorist
                        attacks could be followed by devastating assaults
                        involving biological, chemical or even nuclear weapons,
                        U.S. lawmakers and experts said on Saturday. ``In my
                        judgement, it's not a question of if there will be a
                        biological or chemical weapons attacks, but when -- and
                        of what magnitude,'' said Rep. Christopher Shays, the
                        Connecticut Republican who heads the House Government
                        Reform subcommittee on national security. Attacks
                        involving nuclear weapons were less likely, but remained
                        a possibility, Shays told Reuters. ...

9/26/2001  at
                        New ISS Duty: A Military Outpost?
                        By Leonard David, Senior Space Writer
                        posted: 10:51 am ET, 24 September 2001

9/26/2001  from The New York Times:
                        For Bush, a Mission and a Defining Moment
                        By FRANK BRUNI
                        September 22, 2001
                        WASHINGTON, Sept. 21 - When President Bush first sat
                        down with his full cabinet after last week's terrorist
                        attacks, he told them that nothing about their roles or
                        charges as federal officials would ever be the same. ...
                        Senator Charles E. Schumer, Democrat of New York, who
                        has met with Mr. Bush repeatedly since Sept. 11, said,
                        "He has told me several times that he is staking his
                        entire presidency on this - that the mark of whether
                        he's successful is whether he can succeed in his goal of
                        wiping out terrorism." ...

10/2/2001  from Reuters:               
                        Senate Approves Military Spending Boost
                        By John Whitesides
                        Tuesday October 2 5:36 PM ET
                        WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate backed a $344
                        billion defense bill on Tuesday that bolsters
                        counter-terrorism spending after the Sept. 11 attacks
                        and gives President Bush the flexibility to shift
                        missile defense funds into the war on terrorism. ...
                        Lawmakers in both the Senate and U.S. House of
                        Representatives, which passed its version last week,
                        tried to minimize disagreements on the defense bills in
                        order to move quickly ahead of an expected military
                        campaign against those behind the hijack attacks. ...
                        The Senate also dropped a Democratic provision pushed
                        through the Armed Services Committee on a party-line
                        vote that required Congress to approve spending funds on
                        any missile defense tests that violate the 1972
                        Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty with Moscow. ...

10/6/2001  from Reuters:               
                        Pentagon Sets Back Missile Test Schedule
                        By Jim Wolf
                        Friday October 5 3:50 PM ET
                        WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Rushing ahead with U.S.
                        missile-defense-testing plans is no longer top priority
                        as the United States and Russia step up cooperation in a
                        global war on terror, the Pentagon's chief financial
                        officer said on Friday.
                        At the same time, the Pentagon said it was delaying the
                        next scheduled flight test of a ground-based missile
                        interceptor but said the delay had nothing to do with
                        coalition -building after the Sept. 11 attacks on the
                        United States. ...
                        ``As you can imagine this is not the No. 1 subject of
                        debate inside the department,'' said Undersecretary Dov
                        Zakheim, the Defense Department comptroller. ``Obviously
                        the relationship with the Russians is going to change
                        with respect to missile defense.'' ...
                        The next flight test of a prototype U.S. missile defense
                        had been due to take place this month, Air Force Lt.
                        Gen. Ronald Kadish, the head of the Pentagon's Ballistic
                        Missile Defense Organization, told reporters on August
                        But the test has been postponed until an as-yet
                        unspecified date between the end of November and mid
                        December, a Pentagon spokesman, Air Force Lt. Col. Rick
                        Lehner, told Reuters on Friday. ...
                        On Tuesday, Putin voiced strong support for U.S.-led
                        military action against terrorism, saying Moscow needed
                        no further proof of who was behind the Sept. 11 attacks
                        for its intelligence agencies to join the battle.
                        In addition, Russia has acquiesced to the deployment of
                        U.S. troops in at least one former Soviet central Asian
                        republic -- Uzbekistan -- as part of a looming campaign
                        against Osama bin Laden, the prime suspect in the
                        attacks, and his Taliban hosts in bordering Afghanistan.

                        In another sign of Russia's rising strategic importance,
                        the United States has stepped away from condemnations of
                        Russian actions in Chechnya. Bush recently joined Putin
                        in linking Chechen fighters to global ``terrorist''
                        But Zakheim said nothing about the Sept. 11 attacks had
                        changed the Bush administration view of the importance
                        of building a missile shield.
                        ``My guess is these guys will try whatever they can
                        try,'' he said of those behind the hijacking of
                        airliners that levelled the World Trade Center towers,
                        damaged the Pentagon and crashed into Pennsylvania. ``I
                        don't see leaving a big wide open gap by not having a
                        missile defense.''
                        Boeing is the lead system integrator for the proposed
                        national missile defense. TRW builds the system's battle
                        command, control and communications system. Raytheon
                        builds NMD's Exo-atmospheric Kill Vehicle. Lockheed
                        Martin is the prime contractor on the current booster

10/7/2001  from msnbc:
                        26 days later, U.S. strikes back
                        NBC, MSNBC AND NEWS SERVICES                          
                        Oct. 7 -   Twenty-six days after terrorists struck an
                        unsuspecting United States, killing more than 6,000
                        people in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, America
                        retaliated Sunday, raining missiles and bombs on at
                        least three Afghan cities in an assault on the Taliban
                        regime, which has offered shelter to Osama bin Laden,
                        the prime suspect in the Sept. 11 attacks. ...

10/7/2001  from The New York Times:
                        Powell Tries to Allay Worry of Senators on Muslim Rage
                        By JANE PERLEZ
                        October 4, 2001
                        WASHINGTON, Oct. 3 - Secretary of State Colin L. Powell
                        took the unusual step of inviting the Senate Foreign
                        Relations Committee to lunch today. His guests emerged
                        satisfied, they said, that the Bush administration would
                        try to alleviate a major concern: that military action
                        against Osama bin Laden would inflame the Muslim world. ...

10/11/2001  from AP:
                        Iraq Says It Has Been Warned by U.S.
                        By SAMEER N.YACOUB, Associated Press Writer
                        Updated: Thu, Oct 11 8:30 AM EDT
                        BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - Iraq says it has been warned by the
                        United States to expect a "crushing" reply if it tries
                        to exploit any instability following the Sept. 11 terror
                        attacks on New York and Washington. ...
                        The ministry said the U.S. envoy to the United Nations,
                        John Negroponte, contacted Iraq's U.N. envoy Sunday, the
                        day the United States began its retaliatory bombing of
                        Afghanistan. Negroponte delivered "the following message
                        orally without demanding an answer," the ministry said. ...
                        "If you use force against your neighbors or Israel or
                        the Kurdish side or any other part of the Iraqi people,
                        then we will reply very strongly to defeat you,"
                        Negroponte was quoted as telling Iraqi Ambassador
                        Mohammed al-Douri . ...
                        Al-Douri described the U.S. message as "threatening" and
                        "naive, silly and arrogant." ...

10/12/2001  from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty:
                        U.S.: Bush Links Terror Attacks, Scrapping Of ABM
                        By Andrew F. Tully
                        U.S. President George W. Bush says he still wants to
                        scrap the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty over the
                        objections of Russia, despite Moscow's help in America's
                        war against international terrorism. Bush says the
                        treaty -- which would forbid a missile-defense system he
                        wants to deploy -- is antiquated. And he says
                        September's terrorist attacks on New York and Washington
                        demonstrate the need for such a system.
                        Washington, 12 October 2001 (RFE/RL) -- U.S. President
                        George W. Bush says the terrorist attacks of 11
                        September support his argument that America needs a
                        missile-defense system and that the Anti-Ballistic
                        Missile treaty, or ABM, is out of date.
                        During a news conference last night at the White House,
                        Bush also said the U.S. has no immediate plans to take
                        its war against international terrorism outside of
                        Afghanistan, although it is carefully watching Iraq. And
                        he confirmed news reports that the U.S. is prepared to
                        support the creation of a Palestinian state as long as
                        its government recognizes the right of Israel to exist. ...

10/13/2001  from BBC:
                        Indonesian dissent over air strikes
                        Saturday, 13 October, 2001, 13:01 GMT 14:01 UK
                        Vice President Hamzah Haz of Indonesia has broken ranks
                        with the government and called for a halt to US-led
                        strikes in Afghanistan. "I urge the United States to
                        stop the attacks... If they don't, there will be more
                        civilian casualties," Mr Haz said in remarks quoted by
                        the state Antara news agency. ...
                        Radical Muslim group Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) said
                        it would try to drive Americans and Britons from the
                        country after the government ignored a deadline to cut
                        ties with the United States over air attacks on
                        Afghanistan. The group gave the government three days
                        until midnight on Wednesday to condemn the US or it
                        would start "sweeping" for Westerners. ...

10/13/2001  at
                        Pentagon Report Calls for the United States Control of Space
                        By Leonard David, Senior Space Writer
                        posted: 11:55 am ET, 08 October 2001

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