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10/14/2001  from Reuters:
                        Al Qaeda Threatens US, UK; Afghan Raids Continue
                        By Stuart Doughty and Sayed Salahuddin
                        Saturday October 13 9:51 PM ET
                        WASHINGTON/KABUL (Reuters) - Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda
                        group threatened on Saturday to attack the United States
                        and Britain in retaliation for bombing Afghanistan as
                        U.S. warplanes resumed raids on the country and its
                        Taliban rulers. ...
                        In a statement broadcast on Qatar's al-Jazeera
                        television network on Saturday, al Qaeda spokesman
                        Sulaiman Bu Ghaith told U.S. and British ``infidels'' to
                        leave the Gulf or else ``fire will flare underneath
                        their feet. ``We tell Bush and others in the U.S.
                        administration that the storms will not stop,
                        particularly the storm of hijacked planes, until the
                        strikes against Afghanistan end and until Palestinian
                        land is liberated,'' Bu Ghaith said. ``We also advise
                        Americans and Britons, especially Muslims, children and
                        all those who oppose U.S. policy, not to ride planes or
                        live in high buildings,'' he said. ...

10/14/2001  from Reuters:
                        Anti-U.S. Riots Rock Nigeria; Protests Elsewhere
                        By Emeka Madu
                        Saturday October 13 7:42 PM ET
                        KANO, Nigeria (Reuters) - At least 20 people were killed
                        in Nigeria in anti-American riots Saturday and thousands
                        of demonstrators joined peace marches in London and
                        Nigerian authorities issued a shoot-on-sight order and
                        clamped a night curfew on Kano, the biggest city in the
                        mainly Muslim north, after some of the most violent
                        anti-American protests in Africa since U.S. air strikes
                        on Afghanistan began.
                        Army tanks criss-crossed the streets to quell riots
                        which followed a pattern of Muslim-Christian clashes
                        that have killed thousands in oil-producing Nigeria over
                        the past two years.
                        ``There is rampant shooting in the streets,'' said
                        resident Jibrin Idris, who said he was trapped in a
                        building with scores of people in the city's commercial
                        district. ``Churches, mosques and shops are on fire.
                        There is smoke everywhere,'' he said by telephone. ...

10/16/2001  from AP:
                        Premier: Australia to Deploy Troops
                        Updated: Tue, Oct 16 9:03 PM EDT
                        CANBERRA, Australia (AP) - Australia will begin
                        deploying troops and military hardware to the Persian
                        Gulf over the next two weeks to join the U.S.-led
                        coalition against terrorism, Prime Minister John Howard
                        said Wednesday. ...

10/16/2001  from AP:
                        India Vows to Take Punitive Action
                        By ASHOK SHARMA, Associated Press Writer
                        Updated: Tue, Oct 16 10:10 AM EDT
                        NEW DELHI, India (AP) - India warned it will be ruthless
                        in dealing with Islamic militant infiltrators entering
                        from Pakistan, as the nations' forces exchanged fire
                        Tuesday across the volatile border dividing Kashmir.
                        Tuesday's gunfire came after the nuclear rivals
                        exchanged the heaviest mortar and rocket fire of the
                        year Monday night. It accompanied a visit by U.S.
                        Secretary of State Colin Powell to the region to calm
                        tensions and shore up support for the U.S.-led war on
                        terrorism. ...
                        In Pakistan, Powell on Tuesday expressed a willingness
                        to help Pakistan and India resolve their differences
                        over Kashmir. He said the dispute "must be resolved in
                        accord with the wishes of the Kashmir people." ...
                        India, however, criticized Powell for saying that
                        Kashmir was at the heart of tension between the two
                        countries. It feels Pakistan-backed terrorism is the
                        issue. ...

10/17/2001  from MSNBC:
                        Sharon  vows war "to the bitter end"
                        MSNBC NEWS SERVICES
                        JERUSALEM, Oct. 17 -    Israeli Prime Minister Ariel
                        Sharon blamed Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat for
                        Wednesday's assassination of a Cabinet minister and
                        vowed to wage "war to the bitter end" against
                        terrorists. The possibility of stiff retaliation is
                        likely to damage U.S. efforts to calm the region as it
                        struggles to retain Arab support for its own war on
                        terrorism. ...

10/17/2001  from MSNBC:
                        Bush heading to China conclave
                        MSNBC NEWS SERVICES
                        Oct. 17 -   President Bush, embarking Wednesday for an
                        economic summit in China, said he was leaving at a
                        difficult time for the nation but that his trip is an
                        important part of the U.S. campaign to foil terrorism.
                        "The terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and we
                        will defeat them by expanding and encouraging world
Bush told a crowd in Sacramento, Calif., during
                        a brief stop on his journey to Shanghai. ...
                               The president's trip to the 21-nation gathering
                        of Asian-Pacific leaders will take Bush out of the
                        country for five days in the midst of U.S. airstrikes
                        against Taliban targets in Afghanistan. ...
                               The president also issued a blunt warning to the
                        North Korean regime to not try to take advantage of the
                        current focus on terrorism to launch an attack on South
                                "North Korea should not in any way, shape or form
                        think that because we happen to be engaged in
                        Afghanistan we will not be prepared and ready to fulfill
                        our end of our agreement with the South Korean
Bush told the Asian editors. "They should
                        not use this as an opportunity to threaten our close
                        friend and ally, South Korea."

10/19/2001  from The New York Times:
                        Russia and U.S. Optimistic on Defense Issues
                        By PATRICK E. TYLER
                        October 19, 2001
                        SHANGHAI, Oct. 18 - Russia and the United States
                        signaled tonight that they were near a breakthrough on
                        the key strategic issues that had divided the two
                        countries since President Bush came into office, in
                        particular Washington's plans to build missile defenses
                        and Russia's troubled relations with an expanding NATO
                        alliance. ...
                        The momentum in the strategic arms negotiations,
                        stalemated for months after the two leaders opened them
                        this summer at their first meetings in Slovenia and
                        Italy, follows Mr. Putin's announcement last month that
                        he was opening Russian air space to the American airlift
                        of military and relief cargoes to Central Asian
                        republics for deployment on Afghanistan's northern
                        Along with its support for the American military
                        campaign in Afghanistan, Russia is offering its oil
                        fields as a secure alternative to dependence on the
                        turbulent Persian Gulf. ...
                        Washington and Moscow now regard the Sept. 11 terrorist
                        attacks on the United States as a watershed event in
                        international relations, a number of experts say, that
                        has offered opportunities for Mr. Putin and Mr. Bush to
                        battle a common enemy.
                        Neither side made public the details of any prospective
                        agreement. But in recent days Secretary Powell has
                        underscored that Washington is now prepared to make the
                        kind of cuts in its nuclear arsenal that Moscow has been
                        seeking as a possible trade-off for amending the
                        Antiballistic Missile Treaty. Russia might also choose
                        not to object to a testing program for missile defenses
                        that might otherwise be construed as a violation of that
                        1972 accord. ...

10/20/2001  from The New York Times:
                        Frustrating U.S., China Balks at Pact to Stem Nuclear Sales
                        By CRAIG S. SMITH
                        October 20, 2001
                        SHANGHAI, Oct. 19 - President Bush and President Jiang
                        Zemin celebrated warming relations between their two
                        countries today, but behind the smiles little of
                        substance has yet changed. ...
                        ``Despite the improved atmosphere, there remain a number
                        of concrete areas in U.S.-China relations that won't be
                        affected by the current cooperation against terrorism,
                        such as missile defense, Taiwan and evidently
                        nonproliferation,'' said David Shambaugh, director of
                        the China Policy Program at George Washington University
                        in Washington. ...

10/20/2001  from Reuters at MSNBC:
                        Russia, China want quick end to war
                        Putin, Jiang call for coalition government in Afghanistan
                        SHANGHAI, Oct. 20 - Russia and China said on Saturday
                        they supported an end to the U.S. military operation in
                        Afghanistan as soon as possible so a coalition
                        government could be formed including all "healthy
                        political forces." ...
                               CHINA REITERATED the U.S.-led strikes should be
                        aimed at clear targets and refrain from causing civilian
                        suffering. ...
                                "The leaders want an end to the military phase
                        and to move to a political settlement as soon as
                        possible," Putin's spokesman, Alexei Gromov, told
                        reporters after the leaders' talks.
                               "The two sides agreed that a coalition government
                        should be formed in Afghanistan in which all the main
                        healthy political forces and ethnic groups of
                        Afghanistan should be represented," the Russian
                        president's press service added in a statement. ...

                               Another topic likely to be discussed by Bush and
                        Putin is missile defense systems. Washington is keen to
                        build itself a protective shield. But Russia and China
                        say that would give the United States a strategic
                               Showing a united front, Putin and Jiang again
                        affirmed their backing of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic
                        Missile treaty, which bans the kind of missile shields
                        the United States would like.
                                "Putin still sticks to his stand of supporting
                        the ABM treaty and believes it's very necessary and
                        conducive to world peace and stability," Chinese
                        spokesman Zhu added. "President Jiang also agreed with
                        him on that point."  ...

10/21/2001  from The Washington Post:
                        Silence of 4 Terror Probe Suspects Poses Dilemma
                        By Walter Pincus, Washington Post Staff Writer
                        Sunday, October 21, 2001; Page A06
                        FBI and Justice Department investigators are
                        increasingly frustrated by the silence of jailed
                        suspected associates of Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda
                        network, and some are beginning to that say that
                        traditional civil liberties may have to be cast aside if
                        they are to extract information about the Sept. 11
                        attacks and terrorist plans.

10/21/2001  from The Washington Post:
                        Secret Tape Suggests China-Bin Laden Link
                        CIA Casts Doubt on Missile Technology Deal
                        By Peter Finn, Washington Post Foreign Service
                        Saturday, October 20, 2001; Page A17
                        MILAN -- Chinese nationals visited Osama bin Laden
                        terrorist camps in Afghanistan after a U.S. cruise
                        missile attack there in 1998 and paid for the right to
                        study and remove unexploded missiles, according to a
                        conversation between two alleged veterans of the camps
                        that was secretly taped by Italian police. ...

10/21/2001  from The New York Times:
                        Eavesdropping, U.S. Allies See New Terror Attack
                        By RAYMOND BONNER with JOHN TAGLIABUE
                        October 21, 2001
                        LONDON, Oct. 20 - More than a month after the September
                        terror attacks, the United States and its close allies
                        are still intercepting communications among Osama bin
                        Laden's associates and are convinced more attacks are
                        coming, intelligence officials in several countries say. ...
                        Since Sept. 11, foreign intelligence services have
                        arrested and interrogated hundreds of suspects, and they
                        claim to have disrupted at least four separate plans to
                        attack American and allied institutions in France,
                        Belgium, Jordan and Turkey. ...
                        Intelligence agencies in Europe and the Middle East say
                        they continue to monitor some communications between bin
                        Laden associates despite the fact that they are aware of
                        the intercepts. ...
                        "The aims and behavior of Osama bin Laden, and the
                        expectations of his followers and supporters, is that he
                        will answer the attacks on Afghanistan and the Taliban,"
                        said one European official. ...

                        Bush and Putin Agree to Agree
                        By PATRICK E. TYLER
                        October 22, 2001
                        SHANGHAI, Oct. 21 - For President Vladimir V. Putin of
                        Russia and President Bush, the road to Crawford, Tex. -
                        and the tantalizing goal of rewriting the rules of arms
                        control - may have rounded its last corner here in Shanghai.
                        The two leaders said tonight that they had made progress
                        on narrowing their differences on the Antiballistic
                        Missile Treaty of 1972. Even before the meeting, Mr.
                        Putin had told senior aides and members of his traveling
                        party that he was ready to accede to an American request
                        to modify the ABM treaty so long as Mr. Bush did not
                        decide to withdraw altogether from the accord.
                        Mr. Putin emphasized tonight that he and Mr. Bush "have
                        an understanding that we can reach agreements." ...
                        In making his views known to senior aides and the circle
                        of Russian journalists who travel with him, Mr. Putin
                        appeared to be preparing the Russian political
                        establishment, and the Russian public, for what he sees
                        as the inevitable. ...

10/23/2001  from The New York Times:
                        Bush and Putin Declare They Can Alter ABM Pact
                        By DAVID E. SANGER
                        October 22, 2001
                        SHANGHAI, Oct. 21 - President Vladimir V. Putin of
                        Russia emerged from more than an hour of talks with
                        President Bush today saying they could reach agreements
                        that would alter the 1972 Antiballistic Missile Treaty.
                        If so, that would free the United States to test a
                        proposed antimissile system while meeting Moscow's
                        demand not to abandon the treaty altogether. ...
                        Mr. Bush cast the envisioned accord with Russia in terms
                        of a potentially historic new partnership, and dissented
                        from Mr. Putin's stated view that the ABM treaty is
                        still useful, even if imperfect and in need of change.
                        "We must truly and finally move beyond the cold war,"
                        Mr. Bush said. After today's meeting, he added, "we can
                        report progress toward that goal.  "The terrorist
                        attacks, he said, "make it clearer than ever that a cold
                        war ABM treaty that prevents us from defending our
                        people is outdated, and I believe dangerous."

10/24/2001  at ABC News:               
                        Saddam Hussein Replies
                        Text of E-mail From Saddam Hussein to U.S. Engineer

10/26/2001  from AP:
                        Bush Signs Anti-Terrorism Bill
                        By SONYA ROSS, Associated Press Writer
                        Friday October 26 3:42 PM ET
                        WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush signed an
                        anti-terrorism bill Friday that gives police
                        unprecedented ability to search, seize, detain or
                        eavesdrop in their pursuit of possible terrorists.
                        ``This government will enforce this law with all the
                        urgency of a nation at war,'' he said. ...
                        The bill is H.R. 3162. - On the Net: For bill text:

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