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7/16/2001 From AP:
                        Bush to Repeat Kyoto, Defense Stance
                        By LAWRENCE L. KNUTSON, AP White House Correspondent
                        Monday July 16 3:47 PM ET
                        WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush says he will renew his
                        defense of his positions on global warming and missile
                        defense during his second round of discussions with
                        European and other world leaders.
                        ``On both issues I have made my positions clear,'' Bush
                        said Monday. ``People shouldn't doubt where the United
                        States stands.''

7/17/2001 From Reuters:
                        Bush Stands Firm on Missile Defense And Kyoto
                        By Ralph Gowling   
                        Tuesday July 17 7:41 PM ET
                        LONDON (Reuters) - President Bush said on Tuesday he
                        would not back down over his plans for a national
                        missile defense system or his opposition to the Kyoto
                        global warming pact.
                        Although Russia views the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile
                        (ABM) treaty as the cornerstone of strategic arms
                        control and opposes Bush's plans for a U.S. missile
                        defense system, the U.S. leader made clear he would not
                        let the ABM stand in his way.
                        ``We should not adhere to a treaty that prevents the
                        United States and other freedom-loving people from
                        developing defenses -- not offensive weapons but
Bush told BBC television in an interview
                        before this weekend's Group of Eight summit in Genoa,
                        ``I've made it very clear that the ABM treaty...we need
                        to set it aside, we need to move forward,''
he said. ...

7/17/2001  from Reuters and AP:               
                        Pentagon Presses Congress for Anti-Missile Support
                        By John Whitesides
                        Tuesday July 17 2:01 PM ET
                        WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Top Pentagon officials warned
                        Congress on Tuesday that failure to pay fully for
                        research on a missile defense system could impair the
                        administration's ability to negotiate a new arms pact
                        with Russia. ...

                        China Leader: Security Is Treaty Goal
                        By VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV, Associated Press Writer
                        MOSCOW (AP) - A day after the two nuclear powers
                        reiterated their opposition to U.S. plans to deploy a
                        missile defense shield, visiting Chinese President Jiang
                        Zemin said Tuesday the new 20-year friendship treaty
                        between Moscow and Beijing was aimed at protecting
                        global security.
                        ``No country can build its security by abridging the
                        security interests of other nations,'' Jiang told
                        students at Moscow State University where he was joined
                        by Russian President Vladimir Putin. ...

7/18/2001  from Reuters and ABC:               
                        U.S. Warns of 'Terrorist' Threat in Gulf Area
                        ...``The United States government has strong indications
                        that individuals may be planning imminent terrorist
                        actions against U.S. interests in the Arabian
                        peninsula,'' the State Department said in a statement.
                        The peninsula comprises Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain,
                        Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen. ...

                        U.S. Upgrades Terrorism Warning
                        " ... Sources told ABCNEWS that the information the
                        government has received suggests two possible sites for
                        an attack - Saudi Arabia and Kuwait - and indicates a
                        terror assault could occur Thursday.
                        The sources said the quality of the information is good.
                        It is derived from a coded message believed to have been
                        sent to a very important operative in Osama bin Laden's
                        organization, a person suspected of heavy involvement in
                        coordinating terrorist attacks in the past, the sources
                        said. ... "

7/18/2001  from AP:
                        Laser Anti-Missile Test Planned
                        By ROBERT BURNS, AP Military Writer
                        Wednesday July 18 2:44 PM ET
                        HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AP) - The Pentagon is on track to
                        attempt the first shooting down of a ballistic missile
                        by an airborne laser weapon as early as 2003, an Air
                        Force officer (Col. James Forrest, deputy director of
                        the program)said Wednesday. ...
                        The airborne laser is among several laser technologies
                        the Bush administration is developing in pursuit of a
                        missile defense system with global reach. The Pentagon
                        also is in the early stages of developing a space-based
                        laser, although officials working on that project said
                        Wednesday it could not be ready before 2020. ...
                        The administration hopes this interceptor could be ready
                        for limited use by 2004. In the meantime, it is pressing
                        ahead with more futuristic technologies using lasers and
                        other forms of directed energy.
                        Forrest spoke to reporters at an Army-sponsored missile
                        defense forum where other officials on Tuesday said the
                        Pentagon is planning to conduct the first-ever test of a
                        space-based interceptor in 2005 or 2006.
                        The interceptor would be a projectile launched from an
                        orbiting space vehicle and would be designed to destroy
                        its target by ramming it. The laser, while also based in
                        space, would use an intense beam of light to burn a hole
                        in the target missile's fuel tanks, thus destroying it.
                        Forrest said the first Boeing 747 to be equipped with a
                        laser is being modified at the company's plant in
                        Wichita, Kan.; it is due to make its first flight in
                        February 2002.
                        Two months later, it is to be delivered to Edwards Air
                        Force Base, Calif., where six laser modules will be
                        placed aboard. ...
                        Next year the Pentagon is to begin building a test
                        facility at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi for
                        work on the space-based laser.
                        The Pentagon also is developing a laser weapon it hopes
                        can be deployed aboard Army Humvee utility vehicles for
                        use against short-range targets like rockets, artillery,
                        mortars, pilotless aircraft and helicopters, officials
                        said. This work is being done jointly with Israel.

7/19/2001  from the Westchester County Weekly:
                        Star Wars Inc. - the men and the money behind space weaponry
                        Call them the Star Wars Lobby, but understand that their
                        ties to key congressmen and officials in the executive
                        branch make them much more than a lobbying group.
                        By Edward Ericson, Jr.
                        America's looming--if not inevitable--plan to spend $100
                        billion dollars or more on "missile defense" is the
                        result not of sober analysis and enlightened leadership,
                        but of single-minded lobbying by a few large and
                        medium-sized defense contractors and a small coterie of
                        determined men, many of whom have close business
                        relationships to those companies. ...

7/19/2001  from Common Dreams News Center:
                        Media Deception & Iraq
                        by Jeffrey Weiss
                        Published on Wednesday, July 11, 2001

7/24/2001  from AP:
                        Carter Criticizes Bush's Term
                        Tuesday July 24 3:32 PM ET
                        PLAINS, Ga. (AP) - In a rare instance of one former
                        president criticizing a current one, Jimmy Carter is
                        taking issue with just about everything George W. Bush
                        has done in office.
                        Carter criticizes Bush for not pressuring Israel to
                        withdraw from the Gaza Strip, for threatening to abandon
                        the anti-ballistic missile treaty and for not supporting
                        human rights more strongly. He says Bush has ignored
                        moderates in both parties and calls Bush's proposed
                        missile defense shield a ``technologically ridiculous''
                        idea that will ``re-escalate the nuclear arms race.''
                        ``I have been disappointed in almost everything he has
                        done,'' Carter told the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer in an
                        interview last week from his home in Plains. Carter also
                        was critical of President Clinton during the fellow
                        Democrat's administration, calling the Monica Lewinsky
                        scandal an embarrassment and disparaging Clinton's
                        policy in North Korea and Haiti. ...

7/24/2001  from Vermont's Bernie Sanders:
                        For Immediate Release, JULY 18, 2001
                        Sanders Stunned By Fed Chairman Greenspan's Admission
                        That He Would Abolish The Minimum Wage

                        WASHINGTON - Congressman Bernard Sanders (I-VT) was
                        stunned today by the remarks of Federal Reserve
                        Chairman, Alan Greenspan during his appearance before
                        the House Financial Services Committee. When asked by
                        Sanders if he was in support of abolishing the minimum
                        wage, Greenspan replied, "I would say that if I had my
                        choice, the answer is, of course, yes." ...

7/24/2001  from USA Today:
                        Bush vows to push missile defense if Putin slow on agreement
                        Analysts warn president needs deal with Russia
                        By Laurence McQuillan and Bill Nichols
                        USA TODAY
                        President Bush said Monday that ''time is of the
                        essence'' in reaching a deal on a U.S. missile-defense
                        shield, and he vowed to proceed with the controversial
                        system if agreement with Russian President Vladimir
                        Putin is not reached quickly. ...
                        * His comments Monday were a clear effort to counter
                        complaints from proponents of a missile shield that
                        talks with Russia could be drawn out indefinitely to
                        delay a U.S. missile defense. ''There is a considerable
                        danger that what Mr. Putin has in mind is less a set of
                        discussions that will clear the way for American missile
                        defenses than a setup designed to ensure that goal is
                        never realized,'' the Center for Security Policy warned
                        Monday. The center in Washington is a think tank
                        directed by Frank Gaffney, who was an assistant
                        secretary of Defense in the Reagan administration. ...

7/24/2001  from The Nando Times (AP):
                        Bush looking for quick agreement on framework for
                        arms control talks

                        By ANGELA CHARLTON, Associated Press
                        ROME (July 23, 2001 10:10 a.m. EDT) - President Bush
                        said Monday that he is looking to reach quick agreement
                        with Russia on a framework for new arms control talks,
                        but will allow President Vladimir Putin and European
                        allies "ample time" to get used to the idea of scrapping
                        a nearly 30-year-old arms treaty. "I've told President
                        Putin that time matters, that I want to reach an accord
                        sooner rather than later,"
Bush told reporters during a
                        news conference here with Italian Premier Silvio
                        Berlusconi. ...
                        "The Russian position is that we should maneuver through
                        sophisticated diplomatic positions to where the United
                        States will be forced to abrogate the treaty, and we
                        will expose the United States as a crude aggressor,"
                        said Moscow defense analyst Pavel Felgenhauer. "And then
                        Russia will do nothing because the Kremlin knows there's
                        no military threat coming from the American missile
                        defense, at least for the next 20 years." ...

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