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Monday April 23, 11:39 PM
                        MOSCOW, April 23 (AFP) -
                        New Zealand Foreign and Trade Minister Phil Goff,
                        visiting Moscow, on Monday urged the United States to
                        shelve its controversial plan for a missile defense

4/26/2001  from AP:               
                        Bush Plans Missile Defense Speech
                        By RON FOURNIER, AP White House Correspondent
                        Thursday April 26 6:55 PM ET

                        WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush  will explain his
                        rationale for seeking a national missile defense system
                        in a major address Tuesday, before sending diplomatic
                        teams overseas to consult with wary American allies. ...
                        Military officers who have discussed the
                        administration's defense priorities with Rumsfeld say he
                        has made it clear that missile defense is priority No. 1. ...

4/26/2001  from msnbc:
                        China blasts Bush on Taiwan
                        Bush says military force certainly an option over Taiwan
                        BEIJING, April 26 China's Foreign Ministry accused
                        President Bush on Thursday of heading down a "dangerous
                        road" with his blunt warning about America's will to
                        defend Taiwan.

4/26/2001  from AP:
                        Countries Refuse Taiwan Arms Sales
                        Updated 1:55 PM ET April 26, 2001
                        By ANTHONY DEUTSCH, Associated Press Writer
                        AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - Three European governments
                        failed to back a U.S. pledge to supply Taiwan with
                        submarines after Washington agreed to sell the island
                        the arms needed to defend itself against China. ... the
                        United States no longer manufacturers the diesel-powered
                        subs ..... Among the more prominent manufacturers are
                        Italy, Germany and the Netherlands ...... the Germans
                        and Dutch ...came back with negative responses, and
                        Sweden said it, too, would not fill the order. ...

4/27/2001  from AFP:
                        New Zealand urges US to drop plan for nuclear missile shield

4/27/2001  from msnbc:
                        Forward, march ... into space
                        Pentagon has big plans for combat in the cosmos
                        By Jonathan Broder   MSNBC
                        "...This high ground has captured the imagination of the
                        new administration. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld,
                        who is more enthusiastic about space than any of his
                        predecessors, is expected to make space-based military
                        operations a priority in his forthcoming strategic
                        review of U.S. military capabilities, Pentagon and Air
                        Force officials say. ...
                        Rumsfeld is expected to urge President Bush to declare
                        space a national security priority and to recommend
                        sweeping changes in how space programs are overseen and
                                "We know from history that every medium - air,
                        land and sea - has seen conflict," the Rumsfeld
                        commission argues. "Reality indicates that space will be
                        no different." The report calls space warfare a "virtual
                        certainty." ..."

4/28/2001  from the Washington File
                        NMD - IMPLICATIONS FOR THE GLOBAL ORDER,
                        COPENHAGEN, APRIL 25, 2001
                        "...As you know, President Bush has stated that we will
                        deploy missile defenses, based on the best options, at the earliest
                        possible date. ...
                        We will deploy defenses as soon as possible; therefore,
                        we believe that the ABM Treaty will have to be replaced,
                        eliminated, or changed in a fundamental way. ..."

4/28/2001  from the Washington Post:
                        Bush to Push Missile Shield, Nuclear Arms Cuts Next Week
                        By Thomas E. Ricks and Mike Allen
                        Washington Post Staff Writers
                        Friday, April 27, 2001; Page A13

4/29/2001  from AP and also the DOD:
                        Sunday April 29 1:26 PM ET
                        Bush To Propose Missile Defense
                        By ROBERT BURNS, AP Military Writer
                        WASHINGTON (AP) - The missile defense favored by
                        President Bush - a shield of global reach rather than
                        covering only U.S. territory ...

                        Bush to Outline Missile Defense
                        By ROBERT BURNS, AP Military Writer
                        Updated 10:47 AM ET April 30, 2001
                        "...More than 30 scientists and missile experts who
                        oppose the administration's push for missile defense
                        planned to gather at the Capitol on Wednesday to assert
                        that the science of missile defense is too immature to
                        justify moving ahead with a project expected to costs
                        tens of billions of dollars...."

4/30/2001  from msnbc:
                        Bush to unveil missile shield plan
                        Opposition and risks abroad; impatience at home
                        By Michael Moran   MSNBC
                        "...Sha Zukang, director of the Chinese Foreign
                        Ministry's Department of Arms Control and Disarmament,
                        told The New York Times last May that Beijing will spend
                        whatever necessary to ensure its arsenal is not made
                        irrelevant by a missile shield. ..."To defeat your
                        defenses we'll have to spend a lot of money, and we
                        don't want to do this. But otherwise, the United States
                        will feel it can attack anyone at any time, and that
                        isn't tolerable. We hope [America] will give this up. If
                        not, we'll be ready." ..."

4/30/2001  from The New York Times and AP:
                        Bush Team Vows to Speed Up Work on Missile Shield
                        By MICHAEL R. GORDON with STEVEN LEE MYERS
                        The New York Times
                        Monday April 30 12:00 AM EDT
                        "...In addressing the Danish Parliament, Mr. Fischer
                        said the aim of the missile defenses is to defend not
                        only against attacks from rogue states like Iran or Iraq
                        but also against accidental or unauthorized launches.
                        That means the defense system needs to have some
                        capacity to counter the launching of Russian and Chinese
                        "...It is not clear when a missile defense might be
                        deployed or how well it might work. Conservatives have
                        long wanted to move quickly to breach the strict limits
                        that the ABM treaty sets on the testing and deployment
                        of antimissile systems. Their goal is to make the accord
                        a dead letter and put the United States on an
                        irreversible path toward missile defense, even if it
                        takes a decade or longer to develop a substantial
                        system. ...
                        "...Secretary of State Colin L. Powell told Congress
                        last week that when the Russian foreign minister, Igor
                        Ivanov, goes to Washington for talks next month, the
                        administration will inform him of its total commitment
                        to missile defense. ..."

5/1/2001  from U.S. Newswire:
                        Gephardt Statement on the National Missile Defense System
                        WASHINGTON, May 1 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The following is a
                        statement released today by House Democratic Leader
                        Richard A. Gephardt on the National Missile Defense System:
                        "I am concerned that the President's approach to
                        strategic nuclear and missile defense policy may have
                        the effect of undermining our nation's security rather
                        than enhancing it.
                        "By announcing his intent to move forward with as yet
                        unproven, costly and expansive national missile defense
                        systems, the President is jeopardizing an arms control
                        framework that has served this nation and the world well
                        for decades. ..."

5/1/2001  from AP:
                        MAY 01, 18:29 EST
                        Bush Commits U.S. to Missile Defense
                        By RON FOURNIER
                        AP White House Correspondent
                        "...The government of British Prime Minister Tony Blair
                        refused to weigh in, despite a call from Bush on Monday.
                        In Sweden, Foreign Minister Anna Lindh said America
                        could trigger a new arms race. ...
                        Bush deployed three deputies to embassies around the
                        world to begin consultations.
                        He said it was time to ``move beyond the constraints''
                        of the 1972 Antiballistic Missile Treaty with Russia,
                        which sets strict limits on testing and deployment of
                        antimissile system. ...
                        The United States has already spent more than $100
                        billion to develop missile defense technologies,
                        beginning with the Reagan-era ``Star Wars'' campaign.
                        Some think Bush's approach could cost $200 billion or
                        more. ...
                        He hopes to assemble a basic system by the end of his
                        first term, but has set no internal deadline, said a
                        senior adviser who spoke on condition of anonymity.
                        Rumsfeld has told Bush a system could be in place by
                        2004, though it may not be completely effective. ..."

5/2/2001  from AP:
                        World Wary About Bush Missile Plan
                        By JOHN IAMS, Associated Press Writer
                        MOSCOW (AP) - Russia on Wednesday said it is prepared to
                        hold new consultations with the United States on
                        strategic stability after President Bush's announcement
                        that he is committed to building a national missile
                        defense system. China, which along with Russia has most
                        vehemently opposed U.S. plans for a ballistic missile
                        shield, had no formal reaction to Bush's statement. But
                        its state-run news agency warned that the shield could
                        spark a new arms race. ...

5/2/2001  from msnbc and AP:
                        New arms race, or new security?
                        Several allies echo concerns about missile shield, even
                        as U.S. studies early deployment
                        MSNBC staff and wire reports
                        May 2 China warned Wednesday of a new arms race and
                        Russia of nuclear weapons instability after President
                        Bush announced his decision to build a shield against
                        missile attacks. ...
                        China said, "The U.S. missile defense plan has violated
                        the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty, will destroy the
                        balance of international security forces and could cause
                        a new arms race." ...
                        Earlier, a senior Russian military source told the Tass
                        news agency that "all the effects of a breach of the
                        current system of international commitments in strategic
                        stability will be laid upon the United States if it
                        withdraws" from the ABM treaty.  "The new U.S.
                        administration has set itself on the course of
                        destroying the whole system of strategic stability [and]
                        is betting on the factor of military strength in
                        attaining global leadership,"   ...

5/3/2001  The Sydney Morning Herald - Australia:
                        Only Blair can see merit in missile plan
                        Simon Mann, Herald Correspondent in London
                        "Among European governments only Britain has given
                        anything like qualified support for Washington's missile
                        defence scheme. The Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair, said
                        President George Bush had "set out a case which we have
                        to listen to", though he warned that the matter was
                        "highly sensitive", and more information would be needed
                        before Britain could make a final judgment....
                        European commentators complained that the US was riding
                        roughshod over its allies, although they said most
                        member states would probably bow to the plan's
                        inevitability and might seek to use their approval as a
                        lever for winning US backing for Europe's own defence
                        strategy, a proposed 60,000-strong Euro army. ...
                        Mr Blair refused to give outright support for the plan
                        when challenged to do so in Parliament by the opposition
                        Conservative Party leader, Mr William Hague. "I think it
                        is sensible to wait until there is a specific proposal,
                        to give our determination on that, recognising as we do
                        that the issues raised by the American administration
                        are real and correct to raise in respect of weapons of
                        mass destruction," Mr Blair said. Later, a spokesman for
                        Mr Blair appeared to take a firmer view. Asked if the
                        Government regarded missile defence as a good idea, he
                        replied: "Broadly, yes.''
                        Some senior Labour Party figures, including Mr Denis
                        Healey, a former defence secretary and chancellor,
                        raised concerns over Britain's response. "The plain fact
                        is it is a total waste of American money, and I can't
                        think why anybody with commonsense would support it," he
                        told the BBC. The former Conservative prime minister
                        Lady Thatcher also weighed in, with a ringing
                        endorsement of the US proposal. She told Mr Blair to
                        stop shilly-shallying and to promote Mr Bush's bold


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