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5/3/2001  from - Philippines:
                        UN Secretary urges nuclear power to prevent arms race in space
                        By AFP
                        RESPONDING to changes in the United States nuclear
                        policy outlined by President George W. Bush on Tuesday,
                        UN Secretary General Kofi Annan stressed the need to
                        prevent a new arms race and to keep outer space
                        weapons-free. ...

                        Bush Briefs Kim on Missile Defense Speech
                        WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush briefed South
                        Korean President Kim Dae Jung on his missile defense
                        speech and discussed North Korea, the White House said
                        on Wednesday....

5/3/2001  from The New York Times:
                        Top Democrats Warn of a Battle on Missile Plan
                        By ALISON MITCHELL The New York Times
                        Thursday May 03 12:00 AM EDT
                        WASHINGTON, May 2 Senate Democrats put forward some of
                        their most influential voices on national security
                        policy today and made clear that President Bush's plans
                        for an expansive missile defense system could well
                        become a defining point of contention between the two
                        parties. ...

5/3/2001  from AP:               
                        Bush Defense Plan Worries Europe
                        By ROBERT H. REID, Associated Press Writer

                        U.S. Mission to Visit China May 14-15
                        WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. mission led by Assistant
                        Secretary of State James Kelly will visit China on May
                        14 and 15 as part of consultations on President Bush's
                        plans to develop a missile defense system. ...

                        Friday May 4 3:57 PM ET
                        Bush Tells N Korea No Missile Tests

                        By CHRISTOPHER TORCHIA, Associated Press
                        "The (EU) mission led by Persson left South Korea on
                        Friday after arriving Thursday from the North Korean
                        capital, Pyongyang, where Kim Jong Il pledged to extend
                        a moratorium on missile tests until 2003."

5/4/2001  from Reuters and AP:
                        China says Bush seeking global military supremacy
                        BEIJING (Reuters) - China said on Friday U.S. President
                        George W. Bush's plans for a national missile defence
                        (NMD) shield appeared aimed at establishing "absolute
                        military supremacy" in the world.
                        Pursuit of that aim would "break the present fragile
                        global security equilibrium", the China Daily, the
                        English-language newspaper of the ruling Communist
                        Party, said in a commentary. ...

5/5/2001  from usnewswire:
                        Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers: Security Experts Say Bush
                        Missile Defense Plan Will Decrease Overall Security

5/5/2001  from Reuters:
                        Bush Aide Attacks Blair on Missile Defense Shield
                        LONDON (Reuters) - A senior adviser to President Bush
                        has attacked British Prime Minister Tony Blair's
                        ``wishy-washy'' attitude to American plans for a missile
                        defense shield, a British newspaper reported on Sunday.
                        Richard Perle, a consultant to Donald Rumsfeld, the
                        Defense Secretary, said Blair was ``dodging the issue''
                        by refusing unambiguously to back the project, the
                        Sunday Telegraph said. ...

5/6/2001  from AP:
                        EU Ministers Meet Eastern Counterparts
                        By ROBERT WIELAARD, Associated Press Writer
                        NYKOEPING, Sweden (AP) - The European Union assured its
                        eastern neighbors on Sunday they will join the bloc soon ...
                        ... The European Union is supposed to swell from 15
                        member states to 27 over the next decade. It has set no
                        entry dates, but the most promising candidates may join
                        as early as 2004....

5/7/2001  from the LA Times:
                        2 Koreas' Embrace of Europe Puts U.S. on Notice
                        By MARK MAGNIER, Times Staff Writer
                        Saturday, May 5, 2001
                        "...The U.S. and South Korea also seem to differ on who
                        should take the next step in improving relations on the
                        peninsula. Many in Seoul, and Pyongyang for that matter,
                        are waiting for a U.S. signal--which they hope to get
                        when a delegation led by Deputy Secretary of State
                        Richard L. Armitage and James A. Kelly, the assistant
                        secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific affairs,
                        visits Seoul next week.
                             Some in Washington, however, seem to want the
                        Koreas to achieve more progress on their own, a point
                        underscored Friday when State Department spokesman
                        Richard Boucher said the U.S. favors a second summit
                        between the leaders of North and South Korea, regardless
                        of the pace of a U.S. policy review. ..."

5/8/2001  from AP:
                        Defense Strategy Review Nearly Done
                        By ROBERT BURNS, AP Military Writer
                        WASHINGTON (AP) - Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld
                        has nearly finished a comprehensive review of U.S.
                        military strategy and plans to discuss it with President
                        Bush this week...
                        Rep. Ike Skelton, D-Mo., the top Democrat on the House
                        Armed Services Committee, said Monday that Rumsfeld had
                        not talked with him about the developing strategy, and
                        he was surprised by the lack of consultation with him
                        and other leaders of military-related committees in
                        Congress. ...

5/8/2001  May 8, 2001 from The New York Times
                        Rumsfeld Plans to Seek a Military Strategy Using Outer Space
                        By JAMES DAO
                        "...In his first major policy announcement, Mr. Rumsfeld
                        will call for the establishment of a new Pentagon post
                        for a four-star Air Force general to serve as an
                        advocate for what could become a new space force. ...
                        Mr. Rumsfeld and to a lesser degree President Bush have
                        publicly expressed interest in developing costly and
                        complicated space weapons systems, including lasers
                        capable of shooting down ballistic missiles and
                        satellites designed to attack other satellites. ..."

5/9/2001  From CSETI:
                        Video Webcast - Disclosure Project
                        Campaign for Disclosure - Originally Broadcast Live on
                        Wednesday, May 9, 2001

                        Part 1
                        Part 2

5/10/2001  from AP:
                        Air Force Ready for 'Guns in Space'
                        By ROBERT BURNS, AP Military Writer
                        Updated 1:18 PM ET May 10, 2001
                        WASHINGTON (AP) - The Air Force is prepared to develop a
                        capability to "take our guns into space" if the Bush
                        administration decides to move forward with space
                        weaponry, a senior Air Force general said Thursday. ...
                        "The Department of the Air Force will be assigned
                        responsibility to organize, train and equip for prompt
                        and sustained offensive and defensive space operations,"
                        Rumsfeld wrote in explaining how he wants to reorganize
                        the Defense Department's approach to managing national
                        security space activities such as satellite operations. ...

5/10/2001  from Reuters:
                        Clinton Calls for Cooperation with China
                        By Stephen Weeks
                        ..."The important thing ... is not to assume the
                        relationship is inherently adversarial but instead to
                        take what we know is true. That the world will be a
                        better place over the next 50 years if we are partners,
                        if we are working together," Clinton said....

5/12/2001  from AlterNet:
                        Make Energy, Not War
                        David Corn, AlterNet
                        May 4, 2001

5/12/2001  © 2001 The Washington Post Company
                        Bush Seeks Backing for Missile Plan
                        Aides Lobby Officials in Key Foreign Capitals, but
                        Encounter Continued Skepticism
                        By Peter Baker
                        Washington Post Foreign Service
                        Saturday, May 12, 2001; Page A18
                        MOSCOW, May 11 -- President Bush's emissaries fanned out
                        around the world this week seeking support for, or at
                        least acceptance of, his plan to build a missile defense
                        system, a gesture of inclusion welcomed by allies and
                        others fearful he was developing a go-it-alone foreign
                        policy. But if he hoped to win converts to his vision of
                        a nuclear shield, Bush might be disappointed when his
                        representatives return home. Leaders in Western Europe
                        expressed lingering skepticism, while Russia continued
                        to warn that construction of a comprehensive antimissile
                        system could unravel decades of arms control agreements.
                        Western European leaders were somewhat less blunt in
                        voicing their doubts. The French government issued a
                        terse statement saying that "our position and our
                        questions are well known; we repeated them to the
                        American delegation." Michael Steiner, foreign policy
                        adviser to Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, said Germany's
                        questions have not been answered either. "That is why
                        the German position is that we say neither 'yes' nor
                        'no,' " he said. "We will position ourselves in light of
                        the answers to these questions."
                        U.S. officials received a warmer response in India,
                        where the government has embraced the larger concepts of
                        Bush's strategic plan if not the specifics. ...
                        Armitage arrived in New Delhi after stopping in Seoul,
                        where the South Korean government remains officially
                        neutral on the missile defense plan. North Korea,
                        however, lashed out today at Seoul's request for U.S.
                        missile launchers, asserting they could be used in a
                        missile defense system on the disputed peninsula. "The
                        U.S. [missile defense plan] is a product of its ambition
                        to dominate the world as it is aimed to make other
                        countries' armed forces useless and strike any country
                        as it pleases," said an editorial in the official Korean
                        Central News Agency cited by Reuters.

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