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Chat with Colin Wilson

- Author of The Outsider, The Occult, and From Atlantis to the Sphinx.
Sunday, November 1, 1998, 5:00pm US Pacific Time
held at Talk City (

FlowCCC: Your second new release, "Alien Dawn", examines the whole field of alien visitations and other strange phenomena. From the research you did, what are your conclusions about the various "alien contact" experiences people report?

ColinWilson: I started off by being totally skeptical.
ColinWilson: It seemed to me that all this stuff about alien abduction was some kind of an illusion.
ColinWilson: These people were psychologically unstable.
ColinWilson: At this point, I bumped into an old friend called
Professor John Mack from Harvard, and John had been studying alien abduction for the past 5 years.
ColinWilson: He had concluded that these people were *not* psychiatricly disturbed.
ColinWilson: On the contrary - they seemed perfectly psychologically healthy and normal.
ColinWilson: Now, what these people were telling John and various other investigators like Budd Hopkins was this:
ColinWilson: they claimed that they had been awakened in their beds in the middle of the night and found themselves surrounded by small gray creatures with enormous black eyes.
ColinWilson: They had then found themselves drawn from their beds... often through the wall.
ColinWilson: They were taken to some alien environment.

ColinWilson: There they had found another type of creature taller than the little things who had abducted them - creatures whom they felt to be some kind of surgeon or doctor.
ColinWilson: In the case of women, what happens very often, was that after being subjected to some kind of medical examination, they had had some kind of seed implanted into the womb.
ColinWilson: After that, they woke up in their own beds with all memory of the episode completely erased.
ColinWilson: But of one thing they were all quite certain... they were pregnant.
ColinWilson: Then, in case after case, the pregnancy suddenly disappeared.
ColinWilson: Doctors would admit that they had no idea how the pregnancy had apparently disappeared so quickly, leaving behind no sign of a miscarriage.
ColinWilson: Little by little, both John Mack and Budd Hopkins and various other investigators, like the historian Professor David Jacobs, came to the conclusion that what was happening, was that the fetuses were being taken away after 3 months development in the womb, and then were being brought up by aliens.

ColinWilson: I had spent 18 months studying this same material and I had no doubt whatsoever of the genuineness of the phenomena.
ColinWilson: But it also seemed to me that there is no evidence whatsoever that these aliens are hostile.
LLLUCKY1: yes why do we perceive aliens as hostile anyway?
ColinWilson: I had believed for the past 40 years since the publication of my first book, The Outsider, in 1956, that man is on the point of an evolutionary leap to a higher stage.
ColinWilson: This has become a matter of urgent necessity.
ColinWilson: The human race is stuck in a kind of evolutionary cul-de-sac.
ColinWilson: The Indian saint Rama Krishna has a parable about a tiger leaping on a flock of sheep and discovering among them a tiger which believes itself to be a sheep.
ColinWilson: When it seized this grass eating tiger, it bleated piteously and tried to escape.
ColinWilson: "Look, you are not a sheep, you are a tiger."
ColinWilson: But the tiger was not convinced until the other tiger had smeared blood on its' mouth and it licked it with appreciation.
ColinWilson: I have come to believe that the human race is in the position of the grass eating tiger.
ColinWilson: We are totally convinced that our powers are extremely limited.
ColinWilson: This is the result of two centuries of materialistic and technological evolution.
ColinWilson: My own researches into the area of the paranormal had already convinced me that human beings possess paranormal powers of which they are unaware, and I suspect that the 'aliens' are doing their best to demonstrate that we are not sheep but tigers - or rather, 'aliens' like themselves.
ColinWilson: In others words, we are encountering an enormous paradigm shift.

BLUEHUMMINGBIRD: Do you think that as we enter a new millennium we will form a new partnership with aliens, one not dictated by our governments? Will humans find a new evolution of body and mind? And, have you had any such alien encounters yourself?

ColinWilson: I'll answer the last question first. No. :-)
ColinWilson: For some reason, the aliens never choose anyone who might end by giving them maximum publicity.
FlowCCC: interesting!
ColinWilson: So, no writer, for example, has ever been abducted with the single exception of
Whitley Streiber.
ColinWilson: (He was virtually unknown at the time of his abduction.)
ColinWilson: Now, I am fairly certain that some great change is going to take place, but I believe that this change has already been foreshadowed many times over the past half century since UFO's were first reported near Mt. Rainier in Washington State in 1947.
ColinWilson: In fact, of course, we have reports of "flying saucers" which date as far back as Alexander the Great and ancient Egypt, from landings of what look like solid craft to the present wave of alien abductions.
ColinWilson: In fact, observers like John Keel noted as far back as the 1950's that these alien craft change color as they land, going down through all of the colors of the spectrum, and that when they take off again, all of these colors are repeated in reverse until the craft disappears.
ColinWilson: They also noted that they gave off a dangerous amount of microwave radiation.
ColinWilson: Keel deduced from this that these are not normal solid craft made of metal, but some kind of craft that can move inter-dimensionally.
ColinWilson: IN fact, it becomes perfectly obvious that the so called 'aliens' possess many of the powers ascribed traditionally to ghosts and poltergeists-- although I cam quite certain that we are dealing with a completely different phenomenon.

FlowCCC: There are sooo many questions we'd love to ask, but I know we're out of time - any closing thoughts you'd like to share with us, Colin?

ColinWilson: Only this--
ColinWilson: that when I said in 1956 that I was convinced that the human race is on the brink evolutionary leap to a higher stage -- as I heard myself saying this during a lecture to the Bernard Shaw Society, I was not sure whether I was saying it for effect or whether I really meant it.
ColinWilson: I realize that I not only meant it, but that it was one of the most fundamental insights of my life.
ColinWilson: Now I believe the time is getting close.
ColinWilson: The human race has been stuck in a kind of evolutionary cul-de-sac for around 2 centuries.
ColinWilson: Looking back over my work from The Outsider onward, I see that this was the question that preoccupied me from the beginning.
ColinWilson: Those "Outsiders" of the 19th century had extraordinary glimpses of sheer ecstasy-- like VanGogh's painting "The Starry Night."
ColinWilson: However, they did not believe in the objective reality of this ecstasy-- they thought that it was kind of a temporary drunkenness.
ColinWilson: All my work since then has convinced me that what VanGogh glimpsed in the
Starry Night is in fact the ultimate destiny of human consciousness.

ColinWilson: As to how this can be achieved, I have always felt that the answer lies in an anecdote of the Zen master Ikkyu.
ColinWilson: A workman asked Ikkyu to write "something significant" on his tablet.
ColinWilson: The master wrote "Attention."
ColinWilson: The man looked puzzled and said "that did not seem very significant." He asked him to write something else.
ColinWilson: This time, Ikkyu wrote, "Attention, attention."
ColinWilson: The workman asked with a kind of exasperation, "What does attention mean?"
JaCCCkie: -)
ColinWilson: Ikkyu replied, "Attention means attention."
ColinWilson: It seems to me that the answer lies here.
ColinWilson: Doctor Johnson once said that a man never feels so alive as when he knows he is about to be hanged.
ColinWilson: Attention.

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