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UFO and Cloud

Perhaps the cloud itself holds some clues, if possibly it was created by a craft and its occupants. The haze that clung to and around the craft obscured a clear view at the moment this picture was taken. The haze following it was more like the roiling of the atmosphere from high temperature, causing steam and some distortion of optics. The entire cloud behind it seems quite unusual, but at a distance just a shade of grey.
This is, of course, a condensed version of the original negative which scans at over 25MB of data. For more of the story of this picture and the highest resolution images go to
BlueHummingbird, Page 4

Please let me try to clarify. I don't believe that this was any ordinary cloud.
The cloud seemed like a grey haze from a distance. But, its movement was incongruous with the other clouds, and its shape much different. It moved in a straight direction (approx. NE to SW at about 15mph) and stopped out over the ocean. And, then this object flew out of it at about 70+mph (I'm not sure) in the same direction, swooped to it's right and slightly up and across while slowing down, and then stopped in front of the cloud. That's when I took the picture. I could see it clearly before it stopped, but it had the effect like heat upon the atmosphere. I was somewhat dumbfounded. I was expecting to take another picture, but it was gone from view and that was the last picture on the roll anyway, though the cloud was still there moving away slowly.

Thank you for your input. Accordingly I have also added this explanation:
In the scientific method it is ok to postulate, speculate, and to wonder. And, you're right - distance and speed are hard to judge. (These are just appoximations.)
My final conclusion after reviewing the film is that the spotted streak was some dirt on the film.