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Little Greys

From: bluehummingbird
Date: Fri Jun 18, 1999 02:03 CDT

The greys also sought to teach me. They told me it was my
patriotic duty and that they had made a deal with our government
to take whomever they chose. Their spokesman was half Chinese
human and half grey standing about 6 feet tall. The greys were
only about 4 feet tall, and I felt a kinship towards them. One
spokesman, and 3 young greys, and one master grey very old came
to me while I was asleep in my bed when I was just 4 yrs old.
That was 1956. I refused to go with them because I didn't want
to become involved with beings who abducted children in the
middle of the night. I have no hard feelings against them
though. My parents made some deal with them, but I never asked
them what it was.

Re: Abductions
From: xxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed Jun 23 18:14 CDT 1999

>>bluehummingbird wrote:
: The greys also sought to teach me. They told me it was my ....<<

"I agree with your statement about
the government knowing about these
unusual night abductions. But I don't accept the rest of your
statement, why... you may wonder, Well a four
year old wouldn't have the mentality to make a decesion as you
stated and plus, I wonder how you can
remember all what was said and done being with these aliens
A person would have to be under some
kind of hypnosis in order to recall the event, that's if it did
take place or not....Now, about the greys, many have
said, thru their past expierences comming face to face with one,
THEY DON'T TALK... The communication
flows thru telepathic vibes or astral visions. So I end this
SERIES.... So that's my opinion..."

Re: Abductions
From: bluehummingbird
Date: Wed Jun 23 19:30 CDT 1999

xxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>":I agree with your statement about
: the government knowing about these
: unusual night abductions. But I don't accept the rest of your
: statement..."<<

The only one who spoke was the half human - half grey. That's
why I said he was the spokesman. The elder grey gave him the
words to speak telepathically. There is more to say also about
this than what I wrote here. But, this is too much already. And,
I don't think I will post any more messages on these subjects.


Not at Snap Discussions anyway:

I'm tired of being insulted in open forums. And I got a lot of bad email after posting there, but not all bad. I blocked many people from sending me email. But, I have that memory from my childhood, though I never dealt with it much at all. I just put it away, because I don't like to bring it up. You can imagine what the reaction is. I kept it buried in my memory. I've only mentioned it a few times in my entire life. And, I didn't even think about it much anymore after many years. My dad told us once to never mention it again under his military orders from the government, and I somehow knew after the event that keeping silent was the best policy. He had also grumbled once about the way the Navy had treated him and said that he had done everything they had told him to do in such situations.

I also shouldn't have used the word "abduct", because it wasn't that. They only tried persuasion with me. I thought it would be best to bring these things out in the open. I might have been wrong there, because it seems our society can not discuss this matter after all these years. Anyway, now I put up these web pages, if you happen to find them, in this personal website of mine.

Some Details Added 4/20/00:

This visit by the little greys came on two separate nights. The first night I awoke in the middle of the night to find what I at first thought were three naked girls standing near the foot of my bed on the left. Sitting up, I thought at first of a sexual encounter with them. As my eyes focused on them, I noticed the large shapes of their bald heads and the greys' large black almond-shaped "wrap-around" eyes through which it seemed I could see down into their soul to some light within, like a candle-flame trapped in a quartz crystal. I then turned more to my left and saw an elderly grey and what looked to me like a tall half-Chinese human and half-grey alien. It seemed he was a hybrid about six feet tall and of human build. His eyes and features also looked mostly human, but his cranium was overly large like the greys. I also noticed that the greys were not naked but had on tight-fitting body suits. In those suits the greys looked like they had almost no butt muscles or sexual organs, and they moved a little differently than us. The current depiction of the little greys seems nearly correct to me. They appeared to be a very light grey in whatever moonlight there was that entered the room. They had almost no ears, noses, or mouths and their arms seemed long and thin. They were all about the same height that I was then, except the hybrid.

As we interacted somewhat telepathically, one of the young greys who seemed about my age was very offended that I thought he was a female and was adamant that he was a male. I still thought that the other two young greys were female and was sure the elder grey and the hybrid were male. I think they have sexual organs like we do except not as noticeable, but it could be just their chromosomes that are different. It would probably be best just to ask them if you see them, a little less rude than ogling. And, I'm fairly sure now that there was a fourth young male grey with them too, often more to himself away from the others. I'm not certain of how many fingers they had, I guess I didn't notice it too much. Maybe they had the same number of fingers as us, but I think they might have even had an extra digit. Around two and a half years later, on the morning of the first day of school when I was in the second grade and before classes had started, I felt compelled for some reason to tell another student who was a couple of years older than me about the incident. He said something similar had happened to him and his family and that the aliens only had three fingers instead of four. I thought about it then, but couldn't remember seeing how many fingers they had.

The elder grey gave the words to say to me to the tall hybrid who seemed to me to be about my parents' age, who were around thirty. I could hear the old grey transmitting his thoughts. And, at times the hybrid would turn to him and ask if he had correctly translated his master's thoughts into English. His translations were always correct in my view. I also tried to tell him that. But the hybrid was worried about semantics, the variations of the words and their meanings.

What they said was that they were from another planet and that they had made a deal with our government and could take whomever they chose. They told me that they would take me away with them and teach me along with the other American children that they were taking. They told me it was my patriotic duty. They questioned me about my allegiance to my government and tried to persuade me to go with them. I refused to go at first because I felt that my duty was to the God and that I was meant to stay on earth with the humans where He had placed me. Only I didn't say that to them. I told them that I would have to ask my mother. They said alright, that I should ask her and they would come back on the night after the next for my answer. I think the hybrid wanted to take me anyway. As they left I told the young greys telepathically to tell the old grey that I could hear his thoughts. He had apparently not believed me when I had tried to tell him telepathically myself. I think they understood, but it seemed the young greys weren't allowed much freedom to think aloud and usually suppressed their thoughts before their elders. Basically, the young greys just sent me "good vibes". The greys' thoughts all turned into English in my mind. Words are just the structuring of thought. I'm not talking about empty thoughtless words, though all words seem to come from the heart in humans.

In the morning I went to my mother and excitedly tried to tell her what had happened. I could tell that she didn't believe me. I begged and pleaded with her to believe me. She laughed at me and said what a wild imagination I had, but that anyone who would come to take me in the middle of the night was bad. She asked if I could see that and I obediently said, "yes." She told me that if they came again to tell them to go talk to her, "Tell them to go talk to your mother."

I had told her that they were coming back on the second night afterwards. And sure enough, on that night I awoke and found the elder grey and the hybrid and another new grey about four and a half feet tall who gave me the impression of being a physician/scientist. He carried a black bag of tools or medical instruments. It was like a doctor's bag or valise.

Again, they were in my room in the middle of the night, probably after midnight to three or four AM. They had come for my answer, and I gave them the answer my mother had given me to say. I think that they were probably prepared for it. I said, "My mom says to go talk to her." So, they left my room and went to my parents' room. I waited alone at the doorway to my room, listening. I heard my parents awake. My father was astounded and belligerent. He threatened them for coming into his house. But, the tall hybrid asked my dad if he really thought he could take him. My dad said no and backed down and basically caved in to everything they said. I think he only realized just then what kind of creatures these were. They said they were making a deal with him, but I couldn't hear much of that part and I never asked my parents about this event ever again. My mother was pregnant with my brother at that time. I could hear her plead with them not to do something. They assured her that it wouldn't hurt. Then I heard her cry out, "OW!"

The greys came back to my room and the spokesman said that it was alright and I didn't have to go. This last meeting seemed a little abrupt after all their persuasion on the other night. Both visitations must have lasted about 15 minutes to half an hour each, maybe up to an hour. The last thing the spokesman was told to ask me before they left was, was I afraid? And I responded honestly, saying, "a little bit." Their appearance was strange, but not particularly threatening or frightening to me. I was much more curious than afraid.

Lastly, I "heard" the old grey respond to the hybrid "saying" they were not going to wipe my memory. I think he figured there was no point in taking the time to do that since no one would believe me anyway. And, I think he also knew that, when the time was right, I would disclose it. I don't ever remember seeing them again. Although after watching some of "The Outer Limits" and "The Twilight Zone" episodes on television showing evil aliens similar to greys, I became afraid that they would come back and snatch me away. I would have nightmares of a flying saucer landing in my backyard with the edge of it crashing through the windows of my bedroom, but after about ten more years those dreams went away.

In addition:

My dad contacted his superiors in the Navy by telephone immediately afterwards. In the morning (I think it was a Monday morning sometime around early spring, probably just a few weeks before Easter) he put on his uniform instead of a business suit, made an appointment, and left. He had been an aviator in the Navy and had stayed in the Naval Reserve. We had just recently moved to Jacksonville, Florida, when he had accepted a transfer while he was working as a salesman for an adding-machine company. As he was getting ready, I told my sister some of what had happened. Of course, she didn't believe me. I had thought that she would have most certainly awakened when my dad had yelled at them, but she said she didn't awake in her room or hear anything.

It was very soon afterward that my parents sent my sister who was about nine and me alone on a train trip to Chicago to live for awhile with my father's sister's family. I was very scared and worried, and felt abandoned. After we were there for awhile, I even mentioned to my uncle that I was worried about the aliens and my parents. He thought it was hilarious, so I shut up about it. I think we stayed there for just about two weeks before my parents showed up, and then I felt a lot more at ease.

My dad asked me once, when I think I was in my late twenties or so, if I remembered something very extraordinary and special that happened when I was very little. I had buried the memory so deep and for so long that I said no. He said, "you will."

In conclusion:

The greys had acted like it was a privilege and my responsibility to go with them, but they also seemed quickly satisfied without me. I assume today that they wanted fetal stem cells just as much as students or whatever their purpose was. After that, sometimes I wondered what my life would have been like if I had gone with them on that first night. They had given me the impression that it was my choice.

I had heard my mother say about the deal that last night, "I'm not going to let them take my son." And, I think somehow my parents blamed me for this incident. We never talked about it openly. But my mother did ask me once back then, taking me aside privately, if they had been back anymore, and I told her no. She also asked if I was afraid they would come back. I said no, but I wasn't really afraid of them until I saw those TV shows I mentioned. The greys had tried to make me feel very comfortable and safe. And I had tried to do the same, treating them as honored guests. I had tried to be a good host. It was me whom they had visited at that first night, treating me as an individual responsible for both his own decisions in life and also for my country. But as far as I know, if they took American children to teach over forty years ago, then those people haven't returned yet. I've also wondered how many small children there were in the '50s who went to bed one night and disappeared before the dawn. Or, maybe the little greys had to change their plans and tactics.

Like I said, it's only a memory from childhood long repressed. Think of it what you will. I'm a little surprised myself that I remember this much after so many years. But, it was a very extraordinary event and I've spent a great deal of time lately thinking about it and trying to remember all the details. There is more that I remember of and relating to this experience, but what I have written above is more than enough to tell for the basics of what is in my memory.

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