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Archived News Articles: Election 2000

                        by Sherman H. Skolnick 12/8/00

From The Village Voice: December 20 - 26, 2000
The Five Worst Republican Outrages by Wayne Barrett
Remembering How a President Who Promised to Unify a Nation Fixed an Election

6/5/2001  from The Washington Post:
                        Fla. Vote Rife With Disparities, Study Says
                        Rights Panel Finds Blacks Penalized
                        By Robert E. Pierre and Peter Slevin
                        Washington Post Staff Writers, Tuesday, June 5, 2001; Page A01
                        Florida's conduct of the 2000 presidential election was
                        marked by "injustice, ineptitude and inefficiency" that
                        unfairly penalized minority voters, the U.S. Commission
                        on Civil Rights has concluded in a report that
                        criticizes top state officials -- particularly Gov. Jeb
                        Bush and Secretary of State Katherine Harris -- for
                        allowing disparate treatment of voters. ...

6/7/2001  from The Daytona Beach News-Journal Online:
                        Rhetoric can't conceal state's election failures
                        News-Journal editorial, Thursday, June 07, 2001
                        "...This is the bottom line. Florida voters who were
                        entitled to vote, who wanted to vote, who tried to vote,
                        had their vote taken away. ...Some lost their vote
                        because a court ordered that they wouldn't be counted.
                        Others never made it to the voting booth because of
                        mistakes -- or state policies seemingly aimed at keeping
                        them out. ... An estimated 180,000 ballots were thrown
                        out uncounted. ...The report includes particularly harsh
                        language for Gov. Jeb Bush and Secretary of State
                        Katherine Harris, who clearly knew about many of these
                        problems before November and chose to do nothing. It
                        condemns the Florida Legislature, which refused to
                        address glaring inequities in the state's election law,
                        even after the national embarrassment of the November
                        election. ...It isn't essential that the abuses were
                        intentional. It is important that they were foreseeable,
                        and that state officials ignored all the warning signs
                        -- and fought tooth and nail to defend the system even
                        after its flaws were exposed. That inaction is, as the
                        commission rightly points out, "grossly derelict." ..."

6/8/2001  from ASSOCIATED PRESS:
                        Commission finds violations in Florida voting
                        WASHINGTON, June 8 - A report suggesting widespread
                        violations of the Voting Rights Act during the 2000
                        presidential election in Florida was approved Friday by
                        the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.
                         THE PANEL ACCEPTED investigators' findings by a 6-2
                        vote, with both Republican members voting no.
                             The report asks the Justice department to
                        investigate the problems in Florida. The commission says
                        it has no evidence of a conspiracy but would like an
                        investigation to find out if any of the disparity was
                        intentional. ...

6/26/2001  from AP:
                        Eugene Attorney Tries to Impeach High Court
                        By AP Staff, June 26, 2001, 08:30 AM

                        A former member of Congress launched a campaign to
                        impeach the five conservative Supreme Court justices who
                        voted to stop the presidential ballot recount in Florida
                        last year -- but admits it's a long shot.

                        Charles Porter, an 82-year-old attorney in Eugene, said
                        the Supreme Court ruling was so clearly influenced by
                        politics that under the Constitution there may be
                        grounds to impeach the justices for bias. ...
                        "They did wrong, they voted politically to stop the
                        election," Porter said. ..."We say they tarnished the
                        integrity of the U.S. Supreme Court," Porter said. ...

                        More than 600 law professors around the country have
                        signed a petition decrying the Supreme Court decision,
                        and some have asked the Senate to refrain from ratifying
                        any appointments to the court while President Bush is in
                        office. ...

7/13/2001  From ABC News:               
                        Looking Back at Election 2000
                        Two Attorneys/Authors Review Supreme Court's Role in
                        Presidential Election 2000


                        How Bush Took Florida: Mining the Overseas Absentee Vote

                        House Republicans Pressed Pentagon for E-Mail Addresses of Sailors

                        Florida's Flawed Ballots

                        Absentee Vote Did It for Bush

                        Jeb Bush's Recount Role Examined

                        Study Says 2000 Election Missed Millions of Votes

7/15/2001  from msnbc and others:
                        In the tense weeks after Election Day, lawyers for each
                        candidate argued over how to count votes, as GOP
                        Attorney Fred Bartlit did over military ballots.
                        Evidence is mounting that GOP operatives used aggressive
                        pressure tactics--in court and out--to boost the Bush
                        vote and depress the Gore vote.

                        Fundamentally corrupt?
                        Evidence mounts that GOP used every trick in the book

                        By Eric Alterman, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR
                        July 15 -   Following an exhaustive, six-month
                        investigation featuring 24 reporters interviewing more
                        than 300 voters in 43 countries and examining thousands
                        of pages of documents, the New York Times has discovered
                        mounds of evidence of unequal treatment of overseas
                        ballots in Florida on behalf of the Republican candidate
                        George Bush. Its report provides additional evidence to
                        demonstrate what almost all of us know but precious few
                        are willing to admit: the process that determined the
                        outcome of the 2000 election was fundamentally corrupt.
                        Republicans dominated the public relations battle, the
                        behind-the-scenes political struggle, and ultimately the
                        fateful Supreme Court decision that handed them their
                        tarnished victory. ...

8/8/2001  from the Florida Democratic Party:
                        08/08/2001 4:36:29 PM
                        TALLAHASSEE - After evidence revealed that Katherine
                        Harris intentionally misled Floridians about the illegal
                        use of her office for the Bush campaign, Florida
                        Democratic Party Chairman Bob Poe called for Katherine
                        Harris' resignation on Wednesday. ...

8/23/2001  from The Palm Beach Post:               
                        Harris sought state money for GOP operative
                        By S.V. Dáte, Palm Beach Post Capital Bureau
                        Thursday, August 23, 2001
                        TALLAHASSEE -- Secretary of State Katherine Harris tried
                        to have the state pay $12,000 to a Republican operative
                        who she has maintained was a volunteer working out of
                        her Capitol office during last year's presidential
                        recount. ... Critics, particularly Democrats, have said
                        it was inappropriate for Harris -- herself a former
                        co-chair of George W. Bush's campaign in Florida -- to
                        seek the advice of partisan political consultants when
                        she was supposed to be acting in the interest of all
                        Florida voters, not just Republican voters during the
                        weeks following the November presidential vote. ...

11/7/2001  from The Nation:
                              One year after Florida debacle: Jesse Jackson Jr.
                              presses for fundamental election reforms

                              November 7       @ 11:52am
                        by John Nichols, The Nation, The Online Beat:
                        "... U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill.
                        The outspoken congressman marked the anniversary by
                        setting up a podium in front of the Supreme Court and
                        announcing that he would ask Congress to endorse a
                        series of dramatic voting reforms.
                        "The disputes in Florida and other states showed us that
                        we need one national standard for voting and one
                        national standard for counting votes," said Jackson.
                        "But they also reminded us that there are more basic
                        reforms that are needed."
                        Among the reforms Jackson seeks is a constitutional
                        amendment to guarantee all Americans an explicit right
                        to vote.
                        "Most Americans will be shocked, appalled and outraged
                        to learn that their Constitution does not grant them the
                        right to vote. The 15th, 19th and 26th Amendments
                        prohibit 'discrimination' in voting on the basis of
                        race, sex and age -- but does not extend to (Americans)
                        the right to vote," Jackson said, recalling Supreme
                        Court Justice Antonin Scalia's admonition to Al Gore's
                        lawyers during last year's Florida dispute that no such
                        protection exists. "Even though the right to vote is the
                        supreme right in a democracy, the Supreme Court in Bush
                        v. Gore told Americans there is no explicit fundamental
                        right to suffrage in the Constitution." ... "

‘Donahue’ for Sept. 5 2002
Guests: Greg Palast, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Tony Blankley, Maxine Waters, Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Aaron McGruder

From Chicago Media Watch:
Gore Wins!
One year later, the truth finally comes out. So why is the media refusing to admit Bush's defeat? John K. Wilson comments.
"The long-awaited and delayed media recount of the 2000 elections, conducted by the University of Chicago's National Opinion Research Center, was finally announced on Nov. 11. Anyone reading the newspapers and watching the media must have concluded that George W. Bush won after all, and anyone who disagrees is guilty of sour grapes. The truth is the recount clearly establishes that Al Gore would have been president if the Supreme Court had allowed the recount. ... The threat to democracy posed by an unelected president ruling the country is bad enough. But when a corrupt process is covered up by the media who pretend to serve the public, democracy ought to be put on the endangered species list. Instead of pushing for reforms that might prevent the scandal of the 2000 elections from ever being repeated, the media lied about and helped to suppress the results of their own million-dollar study in order to support an illegitimate president."

From the Washington Post: Friday, July 11, 2003; Page A06
Fla. May Fine GOP Figure for 2000 Recount Actions By Thomas B. Edsall

From Scoop:
Diebold Memos Disclose Florida 2000 E-Voting Fraud
Friday, 24 October 2003, 11:18 am - Article: Alastair Thompson

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