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Archived News Articles: NMD and Foreign Policy

2/1/2002  from Reuters:
                        US Threatens 'Terror' States, Seeks More Arms
                        By Anton Ferreira and Sayed Salahuddin
                        Thursday January 31 6:43 PM ET
                        WASHINGTON/KABUL (Reuters) - The United States
                        threatened on Thursday to impose its own justice on
                        countries it saw as backing terrorism and unveiled plans
                        to spend billions more dollars on arms.
                        ``If you're one of these nations that developed weapons
                        of mass destruction and you're likely to team up with a
                        terrorist group or you're now sponsoring terror, and you
                        don't hold the values that we hold dear true to your
                        heart, then you too are on our watch list,''
                        Bush said in a speech in Atlanta. ...
                        Although Bush did not mention them by name in his
                        speech, he was clearly alluding to Iran, Iraq and North
                        Korea -- the three nations that in his State of the
                        Union address on Tuesday he charged represented an
                        ``axis of evil.''

                        Bush said such nations ``better not try to terrorize
                        America and our friends and allies or the justice of
                        this nation will be served on them as well.''

                        Bush's defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, called for
                        billions of dollars in spending on high-tech weapons to
                        defend the United States against ``the unknown, the
                        uncertain, the unseen and the unexpected'' after the
                        Sept. 11 attacks. ...

2/1/2002  from The New York Times:
                        Plan to Stop Missile Threat Could Cost $238 Billion
                        By JAMES DAO
                        February 1, 2002
                        WASHINGTON, Jan. 31 - Building and operating the major
                        missile defense programs now under development by the
                        Bush administration could cost as much as $238 billion
                        by 2025, according to a study released today by the
                        Congressional Budget Office.
                        The study provides one of the most detailed and
                        comprehensive cost analyses to date of the Pentagon's
                        missile defense programs, which include ground- and
                        ship-based missiles and space-based lasers. President
                        Bush has said he wants to build a "layered" system
                        capable of shooting down missiles at varying points in
                        their trajectory. ...

2/2/2002  from The Washington Post:
                        Bush budget proposes some deep cuts
                        Highway, job training funds could be sliced

                        By Eric Pianin
                        THE WASHINGTON POST
                        Feb. 3 - President Bush this week will seek sharp cuts
                        in highway funding, Army Corps of Engineers water
                        projects, congressional environmental initiatives, job
                        training and scores of other domestic programs,
                        reflecting the darker side of a fiscal 2003 budget that
                        calls for record spending increases for the military and
                        for domestic security. ...
                         ... With war expenditures, the economic downturn and a
                        major tax cut eliminating the once-projected budget
                        surplus, Bush plans to cut or freeze spending in many
                        parts of the government and to dip into Social Security
                        and Medicare funds that previously were off limits,
                        according to administration officials, congressional
                        aides and special interest groups. ...
                              Bush will formally unveil his budget on Monday,
                        seeking $2 trillion in overall spending in the fiscal
                        year beginning Oct. 1 for defense, domestic programs,
                        foreign aid and interest on the national debt. After
                        several years of surpluses, the new budget projects that
                        spending will exceed revenue by about $80 billion. ...

2/2/2002  from ABCNews:
                        U.S. Watches 'Axis' States
                        Fri Feb 1,11:36 PM ET
                        ABCNEWS' Terry Moran contributed to this report
                         With the eyes of the nation - and the world - on him,
                        President Bush this week declared that a new "axis of
                        evil" - Iraq, Iran, and North Korea - pose a deadly and
                        unacceptable threat to the United States.

                        The statement was a significant expansion of the scope
                        of the war on terror. But his administration apparently
                        has developed no clear plan to achieve this goal. ...
                        "We're threatening in a sense to go to war with each of
                        these three countries," says former National Security
                        Adviser Sandy Berger. "That's a pretty big battlefield."
                        North Korea responded to Bush's "axis of evil" remark
                        for the first time today, in a statement carried by its
                        official news agency KCNA. North Korea said it, "will
                        never tolerate the U.S. reckless attempt to stifle the
                        [North] by force of arms but mercilessly wipe out the
                        China also signaled its strong disapproval to the
                        inclusion of its neighbor North Korea in Bush's "axis"
                        remarks today.  "The Chinese side does not advocate
                        using this kind of language in international relations,"
                        said Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan. ...
                        Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan told reporters
                        that Bush's portrayal of Iraq "is a stupid statement and
                        inappropriate of the president of the biggest country."
                        In Iran, President Mohammad Khatami told his Cabinet
                        that Bush had committed "an insult to the Iranian

2/2/2002  from AP:
                        N. Korea Hints at Military Boost
                        By SANG-HUN CHOE, Associated Press Writer
                        Sat Feb 2, 6:36 AM ET
                        SEOUL, South Korea - Three days after President Bush
                        said North Korea was part of an "axis of evil," leader
                        Kim Jong Il said his regime may increase the
                        capabilities of the world's fifth-largest army to
                        prevent an invasion. ...
                        U.S. officials say North Korea is armed with long-range
                        missiles and up to 5,000 tons of biochemical weapons -
                        and possibly a few crude nuclear devices. ...
                        North Korea "is fully capable of fighting a war with the
                        U.S. It should clearly know that the option to 'strike'
                        is not its monopoly,"
KCNA said. ...

2/2/2002  from Reuters:
                        Bush Pushes for $120 Billion Defense Budget Boost
                        By Charles Aldinger
                        Sat Feb 2,10:18 AM ET
                        WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In the biggest U.S. military
                        buildup in two decades, President Bush will press
                        Congress on Monday to raise defense spending by $120
                        billion over the next five years to $451 billion by
                        2007, senior U.S. officials said on Saturday. ...
                        The officials, who asked not to be identified, said they
                        expected lawmakers to approve next year's 12 percent
                        budget increase despite major controversy over Bush's
                        costly plan to build a missile defense system for the
                        United States. ...
                        Bush has already announced that he plans to call for an
                        increase to $379 billion next year to arm and prepare
                        the U.S. military for war against both "terrorist"
                        guerrillas and nations in the years ahead.
                        The U.S.-led war in Afghanistan, which has toppled that
                        country's ruling hard-line Islamist Taliban movement and
                        battered the Afghan-based al Qaeda, is already costing
                        Washington more than $1 billion a month. ...
                        Bush's budget includes $7.8 billion for missile defense,
                        a figure unchanged from the current year. But critics of
                        the testing program to shoot down missiles from "rogue"
                        states are concerned over a Congressional Budget Office
                        estimate this week that it could cost $238 billion over
                        the next 15-25 years.

2/3/2002  from AP, and
                        Rumsfeld: Some Al-Qaida Hide in Iran
                        By MATT KELLEY 02/03/2002 2:52 PM EST

                        WASHINGTON (AP) - Some Taliban and al-Qaida members who
                        escaped Afghanistan have "found refuge" in Iran, Defense
                        Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Sunday.
                        Rumsfeld and other Bush administration officials also
                        charged that Iran was creating instability inside
                        Afghanistan by funneling arms to various factions within
                        the country. ...
                        Iran has helped in creating the interim Afghan
                        government and raising money to rebuild its
                        war-shattered neighbor, Secretary of State Colin Powell
                        said. But President Bush's grouping Iran with North
                        Korea and Iraq as part of an "axis of evil" supporting
                        terrorism was justified, U.S. officials said. ...
                        Iranian officials have denounced Bush's comments and
                        denied giving any help to the Taliban or Osama bin
                        Laden's al-Qaida terrorist network. Iran's government
                        had strongly opposed the Taliban regime before its
                        eventual collapse last year. ...
                        "We have any number of reports that Iran has been
                        permissive and allowed transit through their country of
                        al-Qaida," the secretary (Rumsfeld) said on ABC's "This
                        Week." ...
                        Rice and administration officials defended Bush's "axis
                        of evil" label, saying critics of the phrase should
                        focus on the three countries' misdeeds, not Bush's
                        words. North Korea is the source for ballistic missiles
                        for other hostile countries and Iraq has refused to
                        allow inspectors to see its weapons of mass destruction
                        programs, Rice said.
                        While Bush's speech was not a declaration of war, Powell
                        and Rice said the president would consider using any
                        aspect of U.S. power - political, diplomatic, economic
                        or military - against such terrorist countries.
                        "We prefer diplomatic ways, political solutions. We're
                        not looking for a war; we're trying to avoid war,"

                        Powell said. ...

                        Did Iran Help al Qaeda Escape?
                        TIME has learned that officials in western Afghanistan
                        believed Tehran hard-liners helped terrorists flee 
                        BY TIM MCGIRK/HERAT
                        Saturday, Feb. 02, 2002

2/3/2002  from Reuters:
                        U.S., Russia at Odds Over War on Terrorism
                        By John Chalmers
                        Sun Feb 3, 8:56 AM ET
                        MUNICH, Germany (Reuters) - Russia laid bare its
                        differences with the United States over the war on
                        terrorism on Sunday, challenging President Bush's attack
                        on the "axis of evil" and accusing the West of double
                        standards. ...
                        Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov ... said Russia
                        had its own list of "rogue states," naming U.S. ally
                        Saudi Arabia, which Moscow says helps fund Chechen
                        separatists fighting its own troops: "Not many people in
                        the West like the fact that we have some commercial ties
                        with the countries which you describe as rogue states,"
                        Ivanov said. "Well, we don't like ... some of your
                        allies like Saudi Arabia or Gulf states who give finance
                        to terrorist organizations."  ...  Ivanov also accused
                        the West of "double standards" for failing to condemn
                        the Chechens as "terrorists" with the same vigor as they
                        pursue Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda network. He
                        warned that disagreements over who was counted a
                        terrorist could undermine the U.S.-led coalition Russia
                        has joined against the Islamists that the United States
                        blames for the September 11 attacks on New York and
                        Washington. ...

2/3/2002  from AP:
                        U.S. Allies Express War Reservations
                        By TONY CZUCZKA
                        02/02/2002 4:38 PM EST

                        MUNICH, Germany (AP) - U.S. allies in the war on
                        terrorism expressed strong reservations Saturday about
                        signals from Washington that the campaign could be
                        expanded beyond those responsible for the Sept. 11
                        attacks to include President Bush's "axis of evil." ...
                        Several American defense experts said the United States
                        is prepared to act unilaterally.
                        "Never has the United States been more unified, never
                        has it been more purposeful, never has it been more
                        willing, if necessary, to act alone," said Richard
                        Perle, a senior Republican foreign policy adviser and
                        former State Department official. "If we have to choose
                        between protecting ourselves against terrorism and a
                        long list of friends and allies, we will protect
                        ourselves against terrorism." ...

2/4/2002  from AP:
                        Bush Unveils $2.13 Trillion Budget
                        By MARTIN CRUTSINGER, AP Economics Writer
                        Monday February 4 12:20 PM ET
                        WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush sent Congress a $2.13
                        trillion budget Monday that would provide billions of
                        dollars in new spending for the war on terrorism and
                        homeland security while squeezing money from scores of
                        other programs such as highway and environmental
                        After four years of surpluses, Bush's budget projects
                        the government will go in the red through 2004,
                        including a $106 billion deficit this year. ...
                        ``The president funds large new tax cuts by tapping
                        Social Security,'' said Thomas Kahn, Democratic staff
                        director for the GOP-led House Budget Committee. ``Over
                        10 years, we are depleting $1.5 trillion of the Social
                        Security trust fund.'' ...
                        Critics contended Bush was wielding the budget knife to
                        protect his most prized economic achievement: last
                        year's passage of a massive $1.35 trillion, 10-year tax
                        cut. ...
                        Bush proposes getting $1.2 billion in new revenue by
                        leasing the drilling rights in Alaska's Arctic National
                        Wildlife Refuge, something strongly opposed by
                        environmentalists. ...
                        Also set aside for now is the president's goal last year
                        of paying off $2 trillion of the national debt to
                        improve the government's balance sheet in preparation
                        for the retirement of baby boomers.

2/4/2002  from
                        Space Goal Part Of U.S. Military Transformation
                        By Leonard David, Senior Space Writer
                        posted: 10:00 am ET, 04 February 2002
                        ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO - U.S. President George W. Bush
                        is proposing a nearly $380 billion Pentagon budget that
                        helps overhaul America's military might, including
                        strengthening U.S. capabilities in space. ...
                        "Hardening U.S. space systems and building capabilities
                        to defend our space assets could dissuade adversaries
                        from developing and using small killer satellites to
                        attack and cripple U.S. satellite networks. New
                        earth-penetrating and thermobaric weapons could make
                        obsolete the deep underground facilities where today
                        terrorists hide and terrorist states conceal their
                        weapons of mass destruction capabilities," Rumsfeld
                        said. ...
                        According to sources, one new space-based
                        weapon is dubbed a "thunder rod" - a non-nuclear device
                        hurled from Earth orbit that damages select targets on
                        the ground. ...
                        The Department of Defense has been "reorganized and
                        revitalized" to move forward on missile defense research
                        and testing "free of the constraints" of the
                        Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, Rumsfeld said, and "to
                        better focus on space capabilities."
                        Rumsfeld said "defending the U.S. requires prevention,
                        self-defense and sometimes preemption." ...

2/5/2002  from Reuters:
                        Iran Moves to Ease Tension with U.S.
                        By Ali Raiss-Tousi
                        Tuesday February 5 1:58 PM ET
                        TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran moved Tuesday to ease tension
                        with the United States, seeking help from Washington to
                        arrest any al Qaeda fighters who may have fled to the
                        Islamic republic from Afghanistan.
                        ``Instead of waging negative propaganda, the Americans
                        had better give us any information they have so that we
                        go after them and keep them out of Iran,'' he (Foreign
                        Minister Kamal Kharrazi) told a news conference. ...

2/5/2002  from AP:
                        Powell Dismisses Iraq Talks Offer
                        By BARRY SCHWEID, AP Diplomatic Writer
                        Tue Feb 5, 4:34 PM ET
                        WASHINGTON (AP) - An Iraqi offer conveyed through the
                        Arab League for a dialogue with the United Nations drew
                        a curt and negative response Tuesday from Secretary of
                        State Colin Powell. "It should be a very short
Powell told the Senate Foreign Relations
                        Committee. "The inspectors have to go back on our
                        On another subject, Powell took a big step toward
                        agreement with Russia on cuts in U.S. and Russian
                        long-range nuclear weapons stockpiles. ... On Tuesday,
                        Powell told the Senate committee, "We do expect it will
                        be legally binding." He said the administration was
                        considering an executive order by the President or even
                        a treaty, something senior administration officials have
                        dismissed as a tedious and out-of-date approach. ...
                        Questioned about Bush's designation of Iran, Iraq and
                        North Korea as an "axis of evil," Powell said, "There
                        are others in this category."
He did not identify them.
                        Meanwhile, he said the designation "does not mean we are
                        not ready to engage in dialogue" with Iran, Iraq and
                        North Korea.
For instance, Powell said, "We are ready to
                        talk to North Korea any time they are ready to come back
                        to the table," and without preconditions.

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