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6/23/2001  from AP:
                        Threat Scrambles US Troops in Mideast
                        By ROBERT BURNS, AP Military Writer
                        Saturday June 23 1:12 PM ET
                        MANAMA, Bahrain (AP) - The last U.S. Marines on a joint
                        exercise in Jordan were being pulled out Saturday and
                        forces elsewhere in the Middle East stayed on a fresh
                        alert called in response to a terrorist threat against
                        Americans. ...
                        In its alert Friday, the State Department did not give
                        any specifics on a terrorist threat. In Washington, one
                        official said the threat was against Americans but not
                        necessarily the U.S. military. Another official said the
                        intelligence warning suggested that a terrorist attack
                        was imminent. ...
                        The Bahrain-based U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet was ordered out
                        of port Thursday. U.S. forces in Turkey's southern
                        Incirlik air base were also put on an alert. ...

6/23/2001  from AP and Reuters:               
                        Putin Pushes ABM Treaty
                        By JOHN IAMS, Associated Press Writer
                        Saturday June 23 4:07 PM ET
                        MOSCOW (AP) - President Vladimir Putin repeated his
                        threat of a Russian nuclear buildup if the United States
                        abandons the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty, but asserted
                        that the Kremlin's response would not be aimed at the
                        United States. ...
                        Upgrading the Russian nuclear arsenal is just one of
                        several options, Putin said. ``There are many other
                        response options and that is just one of them,'' he
                        said. ...

                        Putin Says Russia Could Add Warheads if ABM Ignored
                        Saturday June 23 10:47 AM ET
                        MOSCOW (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin  said again
                        Saturday that Russia could respond to any U.S. bid to
                        abandon a key 1972 arms control accord by adding
                        multiple warheads to its nuclear missiles. ...
                        Saturday the commander of Russia's land-based rocket
                        forces, Nikolai Solovtsov, also warned that Moscow would
                        find a way to counter any U.S. anti-missile system. ``If
                        the United States proceeds with work in this direction,
                        Russia and its rocket forces are capable of responding
                        with a series of measures able to neutralize such a
                        scheme,'' he told Interfax news agency. ...

6/23/2001  from AP:
                        Powell Dismisses Putin Threat
                        By BARRY SCHWEID, AP Diplomatic Writer
                        WASHINGTON (AP) - Secretary of State Colin Powell is
                        brushing aside a warning by Russian President Vladimir
                        Putin that he will upgrade his country's strategic
                        nuclear arsenal if the United States deploys a missile
                        defense system.
                        Putin has issued the warning on several occasions, and
                        again on Saturday, but Powell seemed almost dismissive
                        of the Russian leader's stand when asked about it Friday
                        in an interview with The Associated Press.
                        ``I am not in charge of Russia but I don't think that's
                        what they would do,'' Powell said. He said he was
                        confident that Putin would not try to enhance Russia's
                        strategic force once he takes into account the cost.
                        Powell added that Putin also will come to realize that a
                        U.S. missile defense is not a threat to Russia. ...

6/23/2001  from The Washington Post:
                        Firm's Iraq Deals Greater Than Cheney Has Said
                        Affiliates Had $73 Million in Contracts

                        By Colum Lynch
                        Special to The Washington Post
                        Saturday, June 23, 2001; Page A01
                        UNITED NATIONS -- During last year's presidential
                        campaign, Richard B. Cheney acknowledged that the
                        oil-field supply corporation he headed, Halliburton Co.,
                        did business with Libya and Iran through foreign
                        subsidiaries. But he insisted that he had imposed a
                        "firm policy" against trading with Iraq. "Iraq's
                        different," he said. According to oil industry
                        executives and confidential United Nations records,
                        however, Halliburton held stakes in two firms that
                        signed contracts to sell more than $73 million in oil
                        production equipment and spare parts to Iraq while
                        Cheney was chairman and chief executive officer of the
                        Dallas-based company. ...

6/23/2001  from The Washington Post:
                        China Growing Uneasy About U.S. Relations
                        Bush's Comments Cited as Catalyst

                        By John Pomfret, Washington Post Foreign Service
                        Saturday, June 23, 2001; Page A01
                        BEIJING, June 22 -- China's leaders are increasingly
                        concerned that Washington and Beijing are headed for a
                        confrontation as China emerges as an economic and
                        military power in Asia, and the United States ponders
                        how to deal with its rise, according to a senior Chinese
                        official, Western diplomats and Chinese policy analysts.
                        In recent interviews, these officials and analysts
                        described growing unease in Beijing that shifts in
                        attitudes in both nations seem to be pointing toward a
                        showdown. The senior Chinese official, who spoke on
                        condition of anonymity, said Chinese leaders have become
                        especially concerned about the outlook for U.S.-China
                        relations since President Bush took office. Bush has
                        termed China a "strategic competitor."
                        The topic dominated a discussion between Chinese
                        President Jiang Zemin and Singapore's senior minister,
                        Lee Kuan Yew, during Lee's visit to Suzhou, China, last
                        week, sources said. It has prompted China to send an
                        unprecedented number of emissaries to the United States,
                        most recently Assistant Foreign Minister Zhou Wenzhong,
                        who was in Washington this week, carrying a message to
                        senior U.S. officials that the Chinese leadership wants
                        to head off future conflicts. ...
                        "If conflict is inevitable, then it will be very
                        troublesome. People are saying conflict between the
                        United States and China is inevitable. Chinese are
                        saying it, Americans are saying it. It's creating a
                        vicious cycle. It's very destructive." ...

6/25/2001  from Reuters:               
                        Israeli Minister Warns of Bin Laden Threat
                        By Roger Crabb
                        Monday June 25 11:49 AM ET
                        "...Defense Minister Ben-Eliezer told Jewish community
                        leaders in Jerusalem bin Laden was ``trying very hard to
                        penetrate into the country through local people and
                        through people that he wants to send in different ways
                        to enter Israel to establish an infrastructure here in
                        this country.
                        ``They also plan to attack American and European
                        U.S. officials said on Friday forces in the Gulf had
                        been put on Threat Condition Delta, their highest state
                        of alert, based on a non-specific but credible threat
                        linked to bin Laden.
                        An aide to bin Laden on Monday denied that he given an
                        interview to the Arabic Television Channel MBC during
                        which threats -- seen as the basis for the U.S. alert --
                        had been issued.
                        The London-based channel later stood by its story,
                        saying bin Laden had been present and, although banned
                        by his Afghan hosts from speaking out himself, had
                        listened with apparent approval when his aides ``said a
                        severe blow would be directed against American and
                        Israeli interests within two weeks.'' ..."

6/25/2001  from The New York Times:
                        Pentagon Study Casts Doubt on Missile Defense Schedule
                        By JAMES DAO
                        June 25, 2001
                        WASHINGTON, June 24 - An internal Defense Department
                        study concluded last year that testing on the national
                        missile defense program was behind schedule and
                        unrealistic and had suffered too many failures to
                        justify deploying the system in 2005, a year after the
                        Bush administration is considering deploying one. ...

6/26/2001  from Reuters:               
                        Pentagon Says Betting on Lasers, Other New Gizmos
                        By Jim Wolf
                        Tuesday June 26 10:28 AM ET                          
                        WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Defense Department said on
                        Tuesday it was pouring research dollars into high-energy
                        lasers, microwave systems and a host of other advanced
                        gizmos designed to win 21st-century wars more quickly
                        and decisively than ever. ...
                        Aldridge divided U.S. needs into three categories:
                        ``hard problems,'' or significant technical challenges
                        that, if solved, would check a significant threat;
                        ``revolutionary war-fighting concepts,'' and militarily
                        significant research areas.
                        ``Hard problems'' include developing a remote capability
                        to detect and identify potentially toxic chemical and
                        biological agents and to forecast their dispersion
                        through a battlefield. Another such challenge is coming
                        up with munitions capable of knocking out deeply buried
                        For ``revolutionary war-fighting concepts,'' new
                        technologies are being worked on for ``fuller dominance
                        of space.'' Key areas include affordable space
                        transportation including advanced propulsion and
                        long-lasting power systems; sensing technologies for
                        enhanced space surveillance, and protection of U.S.
                        assets in space. ...
                        In militarily significant research, the third category,
                        a priority is the ``generation, storage, use and
                        projection of electrical and other forms of power
                        throughout the battle-space,'' Aldridge and Etter said.
                        He said ``directed-energy'' weapons -- lasers and
                        high-powered microwave systems -- had the potential to
                        shoot down ballistic missiles as they were lifting off,
                        to defeat high-speed anti-ship and anti-aircraft
                        missiles and to zero in on targets in urban centers
                        without harming civilians. ...

7/1/2001  from
                        Nuclear Power Poised for Re-Entry into Space
                        By Robert Roy Britt, Senior Science Writer
                        posted: 06:00 am ET, 25 June 2001

7/1/2001  from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin Hawaii News:
                        Kauai missile tests return
                        A new target could be the waters off the island
                        By Anthony Sommer
                        BARKING SANDS, Kauai >> STARS, a long dormant missile
                        program that pitted the military against
                        environmentalists and native Hawaiians on Kauai in the
                        early 1990s, is back. ... STARS is one of several
                        programs that provide targets for the anti-missile
                        missiles. ... The Navy has two anti-missile missiles
                        under development. The first of these is being tested at
                        the Pacific Missile Range on Kauai. The Army has two
                        others in the works, a beefed-up version of the Patriot
                        and a new rocket called the Theater High Altitude Air
                        Defense missile. All of the new defense missiles are
                        designed for "kinetic kills": hitting a bullet with
                        another bullet. To test them the military needs target
                        missiles to shoot at, and that is where STARS comes in.
                        The STARS missile consists of a surplus Polaris missile
                        -- the first generation of long-range missiles to be
                        fired from submarines -- mated to a new Orbus third
                        stage that can make the rocket mimic a wide variety of
                        hostile rockets. It has a maximum range of 3,400 miles. ...

7/2/2001  from AP:
                        Russia Willing to Cut Arsenal
                        By DEBORAH SEWARD, Associated Press Writer
                        Monday July 2 12:05 PM ET
                        MOSCOW (AP) - President Vladimir Putin said Monday that
                        Russia was willing to cut its nuclear arsenal from 6,000
                        warheads to under 1,500 as long as the process was
                        ``controlled'' and the 1972 ABM treaty was preserved. ...

7/2/2001  from The Seattle Times Company:
                        Robot 'warriors' may take place of humans
                        By William McCall
                        The Associated Press
                        Nation & World : Monday, July 02, 2001

7/3/2001  from The Weekly Post:
                        Japan's Foreign Minister Tanaka Makes Inappropriate
                        Private Remark About Bush

                        The Weekly Post - June 25 - July 1, 2001
                        " ... Japan's Foreign Minister Makiko (Tanaka)
                        reportedly said, "I will definitely oppose the new
                        missile defense plan proposed by President Bush. It is
                        beyond my imagination that we need it"  ...
                        During the conversation with her old classmates at the
                        reception in German Town High School, The Weekly Post
                        learned that Ms. Tanaka made a remark about George Bush,
                        "He is totally an asshole" in English. ... "

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