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6/8/2001  from AP, The Washington Post and The New York Times:
                        Rumsfeld Outlines to NATO Fast Track for Missile Shield
                        By JAMES DAO
                        BRUSSELS, June 7 - Secretary of Defense Donald H.
                        Rumsfeld said today that the United States is likely to
                        deploy certain antiballistic missile systems before
                        testing on them is completed, signaling the speed with
                        which the Bush administration hopes to develop and use
                        the still-unproven technology. ...
                        In one closed-door session, the American delegation
                        presented the NATO ministers with detailed intelligence
                        information that they said clearly demonstrated the
                        efforts of certain nations to acquire advanced,
                        long-range missile technology. ...
                        "The course they are choosing will precipitate an
                        international political crisis regarding the ABM treaty
                        sooner than is necessary, given the very immature status
                        of the technology," said Daryl Kimball, executive
                        director of the Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers, a
                        nonprofit group. "Why perpetuate a crisis when the
                        technology will not provide you the protection you
                        Privately, some European officials agreed. "It doesn't
                        make sense to decide on something that hasn't been
                        proven, when you don't know whether it works or whether
                        you can pay for it," a German defense official said. ...
                        Indeed, Mr. Rumsfeld said today that unlike the Clinton
                        administration, the Pentagon under President Bush will
                        not be deterred from conducting tests that might violate
                        the treaty. ...
                        Although some people said the briefing was persuasive,
                        others sounded unconvinced. "The information was not new
                        to us," said a German defense official. "We knew there
                        were bad guys out there." ...

                        Missile defense speedup weighed
                        Implementing system by 2004 considered
                        By Steven Mufson and Mary Pat Flaherty
                        THE WASHINGTON POST
                        WASHINGTON, June 8 - The Bush administration is
                        considering a crash effort to put into place a
                        rudimentary missile defense system before the end of
                        President Bush's current term in 2004, according to
                        administration officials and a presentation by a major
                        defense contractor. ...
                        A flight test planned for this month has been postponed
                        until August, administration officials said. The most
                        recent test took place nearly a year ago. ...
                        Boeing's presentation assumes that "treaty constraints"
                        are "removed" - a reference to the ABM Treaty, which
                        prohibits testing and construction of missile defenses
                        at multiple sites.
                               The Boeing presentation was made by Jim Evatt, a
                        Boeing executive vice president and manager of its
                        missile defense work. Major subcontractors on missile
                        defense include TRW Inc., which makes the battle
                        management control system; Raytheon Co., which makes the
                        kill vehicle; and Lockheed Martin Corp., which makes the
                        launch vehicle.

                        Rumsfeld Takes Message to Russians
                        By JEFFREY ULBRICH, Associated Press Writer
                        Friday June 8 11:44 AM ET
                        BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) - Defense Secretary Donald H.
                        Rumsfeld, having hammered the NATO allies with
                        Washington's missile defense message, took the same
                        argument to the Russians on Friday, hoping to convince
                        them the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty has outlived its
                        Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov indicated that if
                        Washington wants to abandon the 1972 ABM treaty, the
                        Russians can't stop them. But he wanted to know what
                        would be put in its place. ...

6/15/2001  from the Kansas City Star:
                        Bush to seek reduced contacts with Russia
                        By BARRY SCHWEID - AP Diplomatic Writer
                        Date: 06/15/01 08:37
                        WASHINGTON -- President Bush will propose to Russian
                        President Vladimir Putin scaling down the level of
                        contacts between their two countries. One result would
                        be to lower the profile of arms control negotiations.
                        Bush will resist a Russian overture to set up two
                        working groups to deal with missile defenses and further
                        reductions in U.S. and Russian offensive arsenals, two
                        senior officials said Thursday.
                        Preferring talks on missile defenses and cutbacks in
                        arsenals be dealt with by small delegations of experts,
                        Bush's overall goal is to reverse the Clinton
                        administration's use of a high-level commission to
                        oversee bargaining on weapons and other major issues,
                        said the officials, speaking on condition of anonymity.
                        The administration is calling the process Bush will
                        propose "decentralizing."
                        Bush's approach is that issues involving the two
                        countries should be managed by departments in Washington
                        and Moscow instead of by formal working groups or
                        commissions that can involve massive delegations, the
                        officials said. ...

6/15/2001  from AP:
                        Bush Urges Russia to Forge New Ties
                        By RON FOURNIER, AP White House Correspondent
                        Updated: Fri, Jun 15 3:20 PM EDT
                        WARSAW, Poland (AP) - In the heart of the old Soviet
                        bloc, President Bush chastised Russia on Friday for
                        suspected nuclear commerce and encouraged the former
                        Cold War rival to help "erase the false lines that have
                        divided Europe."
                        A day before his first meeting with Vladimir Putin, Bush
                        urged the Russian president to forge new ties with the
                        West and become "a partner and an ally." Aides said Bush
                        will seek to open talks between U.S. and Russian
                        military leaders aimed at easing Moscow's opposition to
                        an American anti-missile shield. ...

6/16/2001  from ABC News:               
                        Bush Outlines Vision for Europe
                        By Carter M. Yang
                        Bush envisions a unified Europe. Plus:   (Quote):                         
                        As he laid out his vision for a "whole and free" Europe,
                        President Bush today sought to reassure Russia that an
                        expanded and strengthened European alliance would not be
                        its enemy.
                        "Our goal is to erase the false lines that have divided
                        Europe for too long ...
                        "All of Europe's new democracies, from the Baltic to the
                        Black Sea and all that lie between, should have the same
                        chance for security and freedom - as Europe's old
                        democracies have,"
Bush said. ...
                        "Let us tell all those who have struggled to build
                        democracy and free markets - no one can take away your
                        freedom or your country,"
the president said ...
                        Bush urged his counterparts across the Atlantic to
                        support expansion of the 19-member NATO alliance and the
                        strengthening of ties with Russia, telling European
                        leaders, "My nation welcomes the consolidation of
                        European unity and the security it brings." ...
                        "We look for the day when Russia is fully reformed,
                        fully democratic and closely bound to the rest of
he said. "NATO, even as it grows, is no enemy
                        of Russia - America is no enemy of Russia."

                        Bush and Putin are set to meet Saturday in the Slovenian
                        capital of Ljubljana - the U.S. president's final stop
                        on this weeklong European tour.
                        "I very much hope - we will be able to work out and
                        initiate a unified approach to defining the future
                        architecture of international security," Putin told
                        reporters in Moscow today. ...
                        "Today a new generation makes a new commitment: A Europe
                        and an America bound in a great alliance of liberty -
                        history's greatest force for peace and progress and
                        human dignity,"
the president (Bush) said. "Our progress
                        is great, our goals are large and our differences, in
                        comparison, are small."  ... "We share more than an
                        alliance. We share a civilization,"
Bush said today.
                        "These trans-Atlantic ties could not be severed by
                        U-boats. They could not be cut by checkpoints and barbed
                        wire - And they certainly will not be broken by
                        commercial quarrels and political debates."

6/17/2001  from Reuters:
                        Report: Bush Stunned by U.S. Nuclear Arsenal Size
                        Sunday June 17 1:28 PM ET
                        WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush was stunned last
                        month when told of the extent of the U.S. nuclear
                        arsenal, Newsweek magazine reported in its June 25
                        edition, released on Sunday. ...
                        ... the magazine noted in detailing the vast U.S.
                        nuclear arsenal, which includes 5,400 warheads on
                        intercontinental ballistic missiles, 1,750 nuclear bombs
                        and cruise missiles ready to be launched from B-2 and
                        B-52 bombers, 1,670 ``tactical'' nuclear weapons and
                        another 10,000 warheads in bunkers around the United
                        States. ...

6/17/2001  from The New York Times:
                        Putin Urges Bush Not to Act Alone on Missile Shield
                        By FRANK BRUNI
                        BRDO PRI KRANJU, Slovenia, June 16 - Russian President
                        Vladimir V. Putin cautioned President Bush today about
                        developing a missile defense shield without Moscow's
                        consent, telling Mr. Bush that such an action could
                        seriously strain relations between the two countries.
                        "Any unilateral actions can only make more complicated
                        various problems and issues," Mr. Putin said, referring
                        to the recent signals from the Bush administration that
                        it would press on with a missile defense even if allies
                        and the Russians continued to object. ...

6/17/2001  from msnbc:
                        U.S. to proceed on missile plan
                        Rice: Time to move past '72 ABM treaty
                        MSNBC STAFF AND WIRE REPORTS
                              WASHINGTON, June 17 -   While the United States
                              would like to move forward on its missile defense
                              plan with Russia's blessing, the Bush
                              administration will proceed without it, National
                              Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said Sunday.
                              Rice said the United States would also likely
                              abandon the 1972 ABM treaty
- a landmark arms
                              control agreement with Russia - to make it happen.
                              "The United States has made it clear that it's
                              time to move on to a new era," Rice said on NBC's
                              Meet the Press program....
                                     Rice said it was unclear when the U.S.
                              would end the treaty, but Secretary of State Colin
                              Powell said on another TV show Sunday that it
                              would happen when the curbs on missile defense are
                              blocking U.S. technology.
                                     Powell said the agreement was reached in a
                              different era. "We cannot allow its constraints"
                              to bind American technology, he said on ABC's
                              "This Week."
                                     Powell, too, said the United States was
                              going to move forward for its plan to shield
                              against a missile attack.

                               Russia President Vladimir Putin, who is opposed
                        to the missile defense idea, said the 1972 ABM treaty
                        banning such missile defense plans is the "cornerstone
                        of the modern architecture of international security."
                        He has warned the United States that if it proceeded on
                        its own, that would only complicate U.S.-Russian
                               Throughout his six-day trip to Europe last week,
                        Bush said he wanted to make the case to Putin that such
                        a shield is not designed to give Washington a strategic
                        superiority over Moscow, but rather to protect against
                        "blackmail" from rogue states. ...

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