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From Sapa-AFP at The Mail and Guardian: 28 August 2003 09:06
Zimbabwe's fuel price up by 500%
Harare - The price of fuel in Zimbabwe went up by more than 500 percent on Wednesday as the government announced a deregulation of the petroleum oil industry. Energy Minister Amos Midzi announced on state television the government was relaxing controls on the oil industry to allow private operators to import their own fuel. The opening up of the oil sector to private players came with the introduction of a dual fuel pricing system under which government-procured fuel would be sold to government departments and public transport operators at the old government prices. Other motorists would buy fuel at more than five times the government stipulated price. ...

From the Vancouver Sun at The National Post: Monday » December 8 » 2003
Zimbabwe withdraws from Commonwealth By Anne Dawson, CanWest News Service
ABUJA, Nigeria -- As Commonwealth countries moved Sunday to continue the 20-month suspension of Zimbabwe from the prestigious Commonwealth group, a statement came swiftly from Harare announcing Robert Mugabe's country is withdrawing from the organization. The decision, released in a statement from Zimbabwe, came as leaders determined sanctions would remain in place until the rogue nation can prove that it has cleaned up its act and is on the road to democracy. ... Canadian officials explained the benchmarks that Mugabe's government will have to meet include the potential of a new constitution for Zimbabwe and allowing the opposition parties to play a role in government. The country is plagued with corruption, a crooked justice system, 500-per-cent inflation and an 80-per-cent unemployment rate.

At The Guardian:
Special Report: Zimbabwe

From AFP at SpaceWar: Mar 08, 2004
Zimbabwe seizes 'US plane' with military gear, 64 'mercenaries': minister

From AFP at 11 March 2004 0256 hrs (GMT + 8 hours)
Zimbabwe says 'coup plotters' backed by US, Britain, Spain
HARARE : Zimbabwe said 67 presumed mercenaries arrested after the seizure of a suspect plane could face the death penalty, charging they were due to join coup plotters in oil-rich Equatorial Guinea in a conspiracy backed by Britain, Spain and the United States. Harare claimed they had planned to go on from west Africa to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to hand over weapons to rebels in mineral-rich Katanga province. ...

From National Newspaper Barbados: Thursday 11, March-2004
Plane Did Stop At Grantley Adams
A UNITED STATES registered plane at the centre of controversy after being detained on Monday with 64 suspected mercenaries aboard by the Zimbabwean government did stop at Grantley Adams International Airport last Saturday morning. Informed sources told the DAILY NATION yesterday that the aircraft, a Boeing 727 (100 series), with registration number N4610, landed in Barbados shortly after midnight for refuelling before leaving around 6:30 a.m. Sources also indicated that the aircraft, which Zimbabwean officials alleged also carried military equipment, had arrived from the Hope Air Force Base in North Carolina, United States, before its stop-over in Barbados. Further reports stated that the plane, originally a commercial PanAm Airways aircraft up until a week ago, was being operated by the American Air Force, but international Press reports stated it had been sold to a South African company. The plane was detained by Zimbabwean security officials after its owners made a false declaration of its cargo and crew at Harare’s main airport.

At The Independent: 06 June 2004
Nuns in front line of Mugabe campaign to drive the last whites from Zimbabwe
By Anne Wayne

From The Telegraph: (Filed: 09/06/2004)
Mugabe takes over all land in attempt to rescue farming By Peta Thornycroft in Harare
Zimbabwe's increasingly autocratic government yesterday announced the nationalisation of all land, including millions of acres seized from white farmers and transferred to friends of the regime. John Nkomo, the lands minister, told the official Herald newspaper all title deeds will be declared void and the state will hand out 99-year leases for productive farmland. ...
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At The Independent: 25 August 2004 17:45
US seeks 'coalition' to force Zimbabwe regime change By Basildon Peta

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