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THIS is Bob Graham

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September 13, 2003
THIS is Bob Graham.
by Amy Oakes
To those who might wonder, "Who is this Bob Graham from Florida", this post is for you.

It is obvious to people who are familiar with Senator Graham that his lengthy and honorable history of public service reveals no evidence of the raw partisanship steered by zealous ideology that has hijacked our government in recent years.

Senator Graham has ALWAYS been there for people. I have some snippets from an article that appeared in a Stuart, Florida newspaper in May of this year. The link is no longer available, unfortunately. It describes beautifully what Senator Graham is about.

Joe Crankshaw: Don't write off Graham's chances
By Joe Crankshaw columnist
May 8, 2003

Bob Graham doesn't always overwhelm you when you first meet him. As the saying goes, he grows on you.

I first met Graham when I was bureau chief of The Miami Herald's Hollywood bureau in Broward County. An accident involving my first wife, Jean, brought us together. Jean and my youngest daughter, Jean Marie, had been returning from then-new Pembroke Pines Middle School. It was late afternoon and Jean was trying to turn onto Pembroke Pines Boulevard, which runs east and west, meaning the setting sun blinded drivers looking west. There was no traffic signal on the four-lane road, even though the intersection was used by children going to school, and her automobile was struck by a tractor-trailer hauling marl. Both Jean and Jean Marie were badly injured and the station wagon demolished.

I wrote for the paper about the lack of a traffic light and the efforts of parents and faculty to secure one. The next day, a quiet man in a gray suit appeared at the hospital, where he had gone to visit my family. He introduced himself as state Sen. Bob Graham — he had just been elected to the office after serving in the House — and, inquired about the situation. He had a copy of the stories in his hand.

Some time passes...
Then a new bill covering planning came in, wrapped Graham's law into it, but without the specification of responsibility. I think planners know to provide the safety signals for schools and do so now without prodding.

The interesting thing is that Graham never came back to take a bow after he had the bill passed. He had solved the problem and just moved on. That seems to be his character. He didn't make any enemies with what he had done, and they put up a light near the school.

The things to note are that he came prepared to talk about a problem, had the information in advance, knew how to get people together and discover the root problem, then reach a solution. He was aware of details and history, as well as being knowledgeable about what should be done. His low-key approach didn't get him much press, but he served those of us who needed his help.

Later, Graham's campaign for governor and his "work days" turned him into a popular figure in Florida, and even caused Republicans to like him. He might be unknown in much of the nation, but when he becomes well known, I think people will see he has characteristics we need in the Oval Office. Democrats must select a champion, and they might pick him. If they do, it will be an interesting match up with George W. Bush.

THIS is Bob Graham, people.
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What a great story--he'd be a President we could truly be proud of...
Posted by: Jeff at September 13, 2003 02:35 PM

He is a wonderful person and I think if he keeps showing us passion, more will be attracted to his candidacy. Without doubt, Graham would be a wonderful president.
Posted by: Sandy at September 13, 2003 08:08 PM

I'm a Dean supporter from early on, butI wanted to just tell you guys I think a lot of Sen. Graham. He has done very well in the debates I've seen, and IMHO he has an excellent record (particularly his courageous vote against the raq blank check). I would support him with pride were he to get the nomination (and of course Ihope you feel the same about my man!). Best wishes-Ilook forward to us all uniting to clean out this "Administration".
Posted by: Bob in N Tx at September 13, 2003 08:11 PM

I am a Dean supporter as well but Senator Graham is a class act and I'd be proud to support him were he the Democratic nominee. I can't say that for any of the other candidates.
Posted by: Steve at September 14, 2003 12:06 PM

Bob and Steve,
Thanks so much for your visit and your kind words. While it's unavoidable that as the candidates try to differentiate themselves, some criticism will go back and forth, I think most people who care about making things better recognize everyone's goal is to get a serious-minded, forward thinking person in the White House, and only the Democrats are offering any of those in this cycle.
I think that Gov. Dean is a terrific candidate. I just think Sen. Graham is slightly more terrific, is all. :) I'm happy to know that no matter what happens in between, we'll all be pulling together next year.
Posted by: Matt Klein at September 14, 2003 12:38 PM


Is it true that Bob Graham is a "fraternity brother" to George W. Bush in the Skull and Bones at Harvard? And, have you read this article at Online Journal?

Bob Graham, friend or foe?
By Bev Conover
Online Journal Editor & Publisher

Posted by: bluehummingbird at September 14, 2003 11:09 PM

BlueHummingbird, this is an interesting piece but a bit of a stretch.
Posted by: Sandy at September 14, 2003 11:35 PM

Blue, I'm not sure what fraternities the Senator was part of, but I think Skull & Bones is a Yale thing, so whatever clubs both W & the Senator may have belonged to at Harvard (they were what, 8 years apart in school?) I don't think it was that one . . .
Posted by: Scott DeLeve at September 15, 2003 06:25 AM

I'm just trying to get the facts straight. So, am I to guess that no one here knows and Sen. Graham isn't saying? I asked the question after I had read this article:

"6) Pakistan ISI Director General Mahmud Ahmad instructed Ahmad Umar Sheikh to hotwire $100,000 to the 9/11 lead hijacker, Mohammad Atta.

On September 11th, Ahmad was a guest of former clandestine CIA officer and CFR member Rep. Porter Goss and Skull and Bones/CFR member Senator Bob Graham. Since September 4th, he had met with top brass at the CIA, the Pentagon and the White House, including Colin Powell, Richard Armitage, Joseph Biden and George Tenet.

Condoleezza Rice lied in a May 16th 2002 press conference when she claimed ignorance of Ahmad's visit and the $100,000 transfer. Ahmad had already resigned from the ISI and the FBI had confirmed the circumstances behind this. Rice stated "I have not seen that report, and he was certainly not meeting with me."

What was the money man behind the terrorists doing in the halls of the US government before, during and after 9/11? ... "

So was Sen. Graham sipping tea with one of the main financial backers of al-Qaeda while the twin towers burned?

Also here's a bit of information from another link (I'd have to look it up again):

Quoting from secret societies
"The real power are men who are always recruited without exception from the secret societies of Harvard and Yale known as the Skull and Bones and the Scroll and Key, both societies are secret branches (also called the Brotherhood of Death) of what is otherwise known as the Illuminati. They are connected to parent organizations in England (the group of Oxford University and especially All Souls College), and Germany (the Thule Society, also called the Brotherhood of death). ( ...")

Posted by: (bluehummingbird) at September 15, 2003 10:35 PM

I'm pretty sure that both groups are only at Yale, but don't quote me on that. Anyway, if Graham actually was in Skull and Bones or some similar organization, do you really think he'd tell you or me about it? Those groups are called "secret societies" for a reason.

So he talked to a Pakistani spymaster. He was at the head of the Senate intelligence committee back then. He was doing his job. Pakistan was our ally, and they still are today, despite their ties to al-Qaeda. I don't think it was unreasonable at all for Bob to have lunch with a Pakistani intelligence officer.

It's an interesting conspiracy theory, but it doesn't seem to be grounded in any sort of irrefutable evidence, so I wouldn't pay too much attention to it.
Posted by: Joe Jones at September 15, 2003 11:17 PM

If that's an example of "Senate Intelligence," what would Senate Stupidity be?
Posted by: bluehummingbird at September 16, 2003 06:46 PM

From Centre for Research on Globalisation: revised 21 September 2002
Daniel Pearl and the Paymaster of 9/11:
9/11 and The Smoking Gun that Turned On its Tracker

by Chaim Kupferberg

" ... Apparently, General Ahmad was quite adept at pulling the wool over one's eyes. According to a September 12, 2001 article from the Scripps Howard News Service, Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.) and Rep. Porter Goss (R-Fla.) were sitting down for breakfast with the ISI Chief when they received word of the 9/11 attacks. "[He] was very empathetic, sympathetic to the people of the United States," Graham reported of Ahmad. If Ahmad was opposed to any U.S. alliance, as Johanna McGeary reported, Graham certainly wasn't seeing past the "love-me" vibes that Ahmad was apparently flashing him over coffee and danishes - a considerable oversight for someone who is Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
B Incidentally, Graham and Goss are the co-chairmen in charge of the commission to investigate the events behind September 11. Graham, a former Florida governor, and Goss, a veteran of the CIA, "are guarding their intelligence turf, saying they and their staffs are uniquely qualified to sift through tens of thousands of sensitive intelligence documents and interview spies and spymasters without compromising classified sources and methods," according to an Associated Press item dated May 30, 2002. "Colleagues say Graham and Goss bring a pragmatic, bipartisan style to intelligence committee work that leaves politics outside their mostly secret meetings." We can trust they will give each other a probing, "independent" grilling as to their itinerary in the days leading up to 911. ... "

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September 25, 2003
Governor Bob Graham, “The Best Governor Florida Ever Had” by Jeffrey Boldt
Many know of Senator Graham’s opposition to the war in Iraq, and of his mastery of foreign policy and intelligence issues. Far less is known about his years as Governor, especially outside of Florida. Yet his record is equally impressive. Indeed, he was named as one of the 50 Greatest Floridians in History, largely for his efforts to save the Everglades and beaches during his years as Governor.
Bob Graham served as the Governor of Florida during the years 1978-1986. As governor, Graham helped to diversify Florida’s economy. During his administration, the unemployment rate in Florida remained well below the national average. More than 1.4 million new jobs were created, many of them in high-tech manufacturing. Florida's business climate was ranked No. 1 in the nation for three consecutive years. The number of black-owned businesses doubled. Expanding trade opportunities was an important element of Graham’s tenure as governor. While the balance of all U.S. trade ran a deficit, Florida’s exports exceeded imports through the majority of Graham’s administration.
Recognizing that economic strength requires a quality education system, Graham greatly improved education during his eight years as Florida’s governor. Class sizes in public schools decreased, while teacher salaries increased. The percentage of community college and university students surpassing required standards climbed from 64 percent to 89 percent over three years during the Graham administration. Graham’s efforts in education were recognized nationally. In 1983, the Chief State School Officers Association recognized Graham for making the “Most Outstanding Contribution to Education” in America. An academic case-study was published by Harvard University, recognizing Graham’s accomplishments in improving education.
As governor, Graham pioneered several environmental programs which attracted national and international attention, including efforts to save the Everglades, protect wetlands, and safeguard Florida’s coastline. During Graham’s two terms as governor, Florida brought more environmentally endangered lands into public ownership than any other state. This included acquisition of sensitive lands surrounding rivers, beaches and barrier islands. The Save Our Everglades program, launched in 1983, was designed to restore America’s “River of Grass” and protect Florida’s wetlands, endangered species and their habitats. Today, Graham is known as the father of the Everglades Restoration effort. An environmental activist called him "the best governor Florida has ever had."
Bob Graham has the record and the vision to be one of our great Presidents. For more information on Graham’s incredible record as Governor, see his U. S. Senate web-site.
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"Restoring the Everglades, an American Legacy Act"
S. 2797, Sen. Robert Smith (R-N.H.); H.R. 5121, Connie Mack (R-Fla.) Status: Enacted on 12/11/00 as part of H.R. 2796, the Water Resources and Development Act of 2000 (Pub. L. No. 106-541)
The U.S. Senate, on September 25, 2000, and the U.S. House of Representatives, on October 19, 2000, passed legislation to authorize a large-scale U.S. Army Corps of Engineers public works project intended - at least principally - to restore the Everglades. The legislation was shepherded diligently through Congress by Sen. Smith (R-N.H.), Chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, with strong support from Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.) and Sen. Connie Mack (R-Fla.). The primary sponsor on the House side was Rep. Clay Shaw (R-Fla.). The legislation passed virtually unanimously in both houses, the result of election year politics and because the huge public works project promised significant benefits to non-environmental interests in Florida.
The Corps' project is called the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP). The Everglades - the largest remaining subtropical wilderness in North America - have been starved of water in some parts and flooded in others as a result of the construction and operation of an extensive canal and levee system criss-crossing central and south Florida. CERP's purpose is to partially "replumb" this part of Florida. While Congress made clear that environmental restoration is the principal purpose of CERP, CERP is also intended to provide additional water supply to agriculture and urban water utilities. The Corps' current "blueprint" for CERP contains 67 projects to be implemented in stages over approximately 25 years at an approximate cost of $8 billion. ...
While environmentalists support the everglades restoration legislation, some concerns remain. As enacted, the law contains the bare minimum in terms of legal assurances that significant restoration will occur in a reasonable period of time, so strong and consistent political pressure will be necessary and possibly reforms in the law. Moreover, the current CERP blueprint itself requires modification so that restoration benefits to the Everglades will arrive early in the project. Under the current implementation schedule, significant benefits to Everglades National Park are not provided until almost $4 billion and ten years into the plan. ...
From ENS:
JACKSONVILLE, Florida, April 15, 2002 (ENS) - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has issued permits that approve limestone mining in at least 5,409 acres of historic Everglades wetlands in Florida. The permits will more than double the acreage covered by limestone quarries in a tract between Everglades National Park and the city of Miami, and the Corps has tentatively approved mining on another 10-15,000 acres. ...
© St. Petersburg Times, published October 11, 2002:
Environmental groups assail Bush on Glades
A coalition demands tighter rules for Everglades restoration and says its efforts have been rebuffed.
By JULIE HAUSERMAN, Times Staff Writer
TALLAHASSEE -- A coalition of environmental groups criticized Gov. Jeb Bush Thursday for the environmental achievement it once praised, the one he touts the most in his re-election campaign: restoration of the Everglades. Just two years ago, the Everglades Coalition gave Bush and his environmental chief, David Struhs, a Steward of the Everglades award. Now, the coalition says Bush is jeopardizing the $7.8-billion restoration plan. They say the state has refused to write tight rules to ensure that water goes to natural systems before it is used for agriculture and growth. ...
From The NYT: April 21, 2003
Everglades in Peril
The most ambitious environmental rescue operation ever tried in this country — a $7.8 billion plan to restore the Everglades — is suddenly at risk. The reason is that one of the major players in the enterprise, Florida's politically connected sugar cane industry, wants to postpone into the distant future the deadline for cleaning up the polluted water flowing into the Everglades. And the Florida Legislature is poised to let the industry do it. This could mean serious trouble for an already fragile ecosystem. It would also violate the spirit of the federal-state partnership underlying the project and threaten the revenue stream on which it depends.
The project is the result of 15 years of bipartisan negotiation, with costs to be shared equally by the state and federal governments. In essence, it's a vast replumbing scheme aimed at rerouting one trillion gallons of Florida's copious rainwater to the Everglades, which desperately needs it. But fancy engineering will mean nothing unless the water itself is clean. The main culprit is phosphorous, which flows from the farms and sugar cane fields north of the Everglades, and which 15 years ago topped out at more than 300 parts per billion — 30 times the maximum amount that scientists said the Everglades could handle. ...
From AP: May 20, 2003
Fla. Delays Everglades Cleanup Deadline
By DAVID ROYSE, Associated Press Writer
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Gov. Jeb Bush signed a bill Tuesday that could extend the deadline for cleaning up the Everglades by 10 years, despite objections from environmentalists and a judge's warning that the law may violate a federal agreement. ...

Posted by: bluehummingbird at September 25, 2003 03:12 AM

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